Gov. Rick Perry recently issued the following statement regarding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) decision to arbitrarily change ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards:
“The EPA’s decision to change ozone air quality attainment standards has Texas and other states chasing a moving target at the expense of taxpayers and our economy.
“Texas is a national leader in reducing emissions and advancing renewable energy sources. With efforts to get cleaner vehicles on our roads and dedication to developing innovative biofuel and bioenergy technology, the state is going above and beyond to meet current EPA standards and effectively reduce pollution throughout the state.
“These new standards are particularly onerous on Texas and punish the state because it includes one of the most comprehensively controlled industrial complexes in the world. Texas is home to one of the nation’s busiest ports and our extensive refinery operations produce 30 percent of the nation’s gas and oil. We have a 1,200 mile border with Mexico and 26 busy entry points, where air quality is affected by the hours of delays drivers wait to cross into the U.S. because the federal government has failed to address the problem.
“Texas will continue to work toward meeting clean air standards through innovations in alternative fuels, technology and other improvements. I think it’s important, though, that federal standards balance a sound environmental policy with Texas’ growing economic engine that has produced the best business climate in the country.”

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