The Bridge City Public Library has had an in flux of rabbits.

Children at the weekly reading program got to see the large stuffed rabbits for the first time. Each Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., the library has a reading program for younger children. The program is called LAPSIT and is conducted by Michelle Watson and Ginger Tuttle.

Byron Buchanan and Michael Elden of the Bayou Trading Company donated the rabbits.

Buchanan said, “The rabbits were acquired when we purchased a large storage container full of merchandise. We hoped that the rabbits could be put to use by the library for the children,” Buchanan said. “We just want to do something for the community, which has been so good to us.”

The group for the first session was the younger children and they noticed the rabbits but were a little hesitant to get too close.

One of the two rabbits on display was nearly five feet tall. The other was about three feet. When the library expansion is completed, the rabbits will be on display in the new children’s section. Four others are stored now in Watson’s garage.

The rabbits were originally part of an Easter display at Parkdale Mall.

The LAPSIT program is sponsored by the City of Bridge City as a library program and has proved to be popular. Each class has the maximum of 20 children and there is a waiting list for openings. The program is held weekly until school is out, then the Summer Reading Program takes the spot.

“Some parents have liked the program so well that they have formed their own program and do things similar to the way we do,” Watson said.

This past Wednesday Watson and Tuttle, library aides, were assisted by volunteer Shirley Jordan.

For information about the LAPSIT program or other library features, call the Bridge City Public Library at 735-4242.