“We earned more votes than John Cornyn once.  Now I’ve got the team for us to do it again,” says Noriega.

In the wake of his Senate primary victory Democratic Senate nominee Lt. Col. Rick Noriega today announced his general election team, including a seasoned veteran of Texas politics as his campaign manager.

Mark Bell, longtime campaign manager and special assistant to former Speaker of the Texas House Pete Laney, was named Campaign Manager.  

”Rick Noriega’s grassroots campaign for change has shown that it’s exciting people across the state, and we’ve seen a sea change in Democratic enthusiasm and participation.  This is the year – and the candidate – we’ve been waiting for,” Bell said on joining the campaign.

Noriega is the first candidate since 1976 to win a multi-candidate Democratic Primary without a runoff, a victory in which he earned over 110,000 more votes than Cornyn.

Lt. Colonel Noriega welcomed the addition of Bell to a talented campaign team. “We’re putting into place the team that will spread the word about John Cornyn’s record of absent leadership on the issues facing Texas families: failure to take on the health care, energy, and college costs that are spiraling out of control; failure to support our troops in the field or our veterans who have come home; and failure to put Texas families ahead of the special interests,” Noriega said.

Speaker Laney also praised the selection of Bell. “I’m thrilled that Mark is signing on to run the Noriega for Senate campaign. He is a talented manager and communicator who was instrumental in my success both legislatively and politically,” Laney said.

Working with Bell will be a well-respected team of Senate campaign advisors.  Nationally renowned pollster Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners;  Dawn Laguens and Dan Kully of Laguens Kully Klose Partners, who produced the media for the winning campaigns of Senators John Tester, Debbie Stabenow and Ben Cardin in 2006; and online firm Blackrock Associates, who directed online media for victorious Virginia U.S. Senate candidate and military veteran Jim Webb. Noriega also announced that Jennifer Treat, Finance Director for Governor Ann Richards as well as to numerous other Texas campaigns, has joined the campaign as Senior Advisor for fundraising.