Children’s baskets were overflowing with Easter eggs this weekend as they gathered at the various celebrations held by area church groups. There were also other activities such as face painting, moon walks, slides, games and food. 

Cowboy church, one of the newest churches in the county held its first Easter event. They threw horses into the mix, offering horse back rides and a horse drawn covered wagon, besides the food and frolicking. After hunting for eggs, the kids could decorate a cookie or have a hot dog for lunch.

“It was just perfect,” said Debbie Savoy. “We had prepared for 150.”

This was the third year for Liberty Baptist’s Eggstravaganza held at the Community Park Pavilion. There were thousands of eggs separated for different age groups. They even filled a wading pool with grass and eggs for those under 2 years old. Their youth group made balloon animals and manned the face painting booth. Popcorn, nachos, hot dogs and cotton candy were there for the taking. You could even have a doughnut if you could eat it while it hung on a string without using your hands. 

Chris Durso brought his antique fire engine and let the kids crank the old siren. It was music to little Ethan Brown’s ears as he danced every time the siren wailed.
There was not a sad looking face to be found. Laughter filled the air as children and parents tried to keep all their eggs in one basket, to no avail.

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