Easter weekend in Orange County was the kind of weather the Chamber of Commerce would have ordered. Full moon, not a cloud in the sky, with a morning low of 52 degrees that got up to a sunny 74 degrees. It was quiet here at the ‘Nest,’ just Creaux and I and a couple of stray cats. The phone was silent. The only action was Neighbor Cox stopping by. He cleans up good. He was a very impressive figure dressed in his best suit, white shirt and tie. I asked if he was getting ready to announce for a public office, maybe for president as an independent? He said the only position he was interested in was second fiddle at Ms. Virginia’s house.*****On the negative side, since ‘Mission Accomplished.’ Saturday four more youngsters were killed in Iraq, bringing the number of our dead heroes to 4,000, with 26,000 injured or maimed. That’s 30,000 total, not counting the great damage that has hit many families. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld must have ice water in their veins if they can sleep at night knowing the injustice they put on the people of Iraq. The invasion and occupation of a country that didn’t attack us has left over 100,000 dead and four million misplaced. The American people are suffering for their wrong mistake, costing $12 billion a month and tearing our country apart. Cheney says, “So.” Some day, some way, they’ll pay. Come along it won’t do you no harm.
I marvel at the amount of bashing and unfair, one-sided reporting by news channels. Reporters, commentary showmen mostly, will stretch a point to put Sen. Hillary Clinton in a bad light. On the other hand, they spin a negative to put Sen. Barack Obama in a positive light. They constantly speak about the historical aspect of Obama, a person of mixed race, white mother, and African father, becoming president. Personally, I believe that it would be more historical that the first woman, former First Lady of Arkansas and the United States, and a U.S. Senator to beat all those odds to become president. After all, Obama came from the belly of a white woman like all other presidents. Can anyone say for certainty who their father’s were? Chris Matthews and his crew went overboard to proclaim Obama’s answer to his preacher Jeremiah as the greatest civil rights speech in 45 years and have now written Sen. Clinton off. It’s a gender thing that runs throughout the news channels. They do not under any circumstance want a woman as commander-in-chief. If they’re right and Sen. Clinton is not the nominee, we are left with a continuation, in most part, of Bush/Cheney. If it’s Obama, you can tell by the deals being made with Tom Dashel, Bill Richardson, John Kerry etc., that he will surround himself with defeated has-beens. Obama is another George W. when it comes to experience so possibly Ted Kennedy will control the Senate and the most far-left administration since Jimmy Carter will set the agenda. Why did the media want Hillary’s Clinton Library papers released? So they can pick them to death. Why are they demanding her tax returns? For the same reason. They certainly don’t do any of that stuff to make her look good.  Obama is a fabricated, controlled candidate. The hope I had expected for the future is starting to look dim unless the Super Delegates bite the bullet and nominate Hillary if she can win eight of the last 10 contests. If she can win Pennsylvania and North Carolina, she can win the presidency. Remember Obama’s base is 92 percent black and young college students, who probably won’t show up in mass come November. Hillary can pick up a good majority of those. If not, the women, working class and independents will hold their nose and vote for Sen. McCain. There you go, our dream of the end of the worst administration in U.S. history is in jeopardy. Continued erosion is more likely if the Super Delegates don’t grab the reins and the Democratic committee doesn’t solve the problem of the disenfranchised states of Florida and Michigan.
We still have very important law enforcement elections to be decided. This is possibly the most important sheriff’s race in 20-years. Constable Keith Merritt, who led the early primary voting and incumbent Mike White, who came in second, ahead of Huel Fontenot, are both on the ballot in a runoff. It’s important that voters return to the polls to pick our Orange County sheriff. Also for the first time in history we will have three new constables, Pct. 4 Constable Weldon Peveto was returned to office, Mark Phillpott edged out two opponents to win in Pct. 3. Both Pct. 1 and Pct. 2 have runoffs to pick their constables. In Pct. 1, Sarah Jefferson Simon and Chris Humble are battling for that spot. The constable’s race in Pct. 2 will be determined in a runoff also, between Rob Strause and A.B. ‘Yank’ Peveto. Law enforcement, especially during these trying times, is one of our most important governmental functions and it’s very important who we chose to enforce it. Please don’t take the runoff elections lightly. Please vote. Boxes will be open Monday, for five days only, at the same four locations.
30 Years Ago-1978
An awful tragedy took the life of young Jeffrey Williams last week. He was the son of Dr. Howard and Mrs. Williams. Jeffery’s bride to be Melanie McGann was listed in critical condition. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell McCann. *****Beth Ann Clark, daughter of Rosalie and Pat Clark was a little upset recently when her sister upstaged her at the Channel 6 filming of the St. Joseph’s Altar at St. Theresa’s church. Five-year-old Beth Ann did not appear on television although her seven-year-old sister Mary Ann did. When daddy Pat offered to call the station to complain about it, Beth Ann looked up the phone number for him. *****The Orange County Bar Association presented 260th District Court Judge Don Burgess with a robe. Steve Carlton, bar president, made the presentation. It is customary for the Bar Association to purchase robes for new judges. *****Rhonda Martin was selected for the NJCAA Region XIV women’s basketball all regional team. Martin plays guard for Angelina College. She is a 1977 graduate of Bridge City High and was coached by Barbara Williams. *****Bridge City High announced Valerie Jean Mouton valedictorian and Acy B. Duhon, Jr., salutatorian. Named to the top five-percent were Bradley J. Fisette, Mark Allan Fisette, Deborah Joyce Hardee, Lori Lynn Henderson, Elizabeth Diane James, Joe David Kemble and Brian Keith Truncale. *****Fred Chapman, KOGT engineer, is also a writer and considered to be an expert in electronics. He has been published many times in electronic magazines. His articles also include graphs and pictures. (Editor’s note: I don’t know what became of Fred. He and Violet divorced many years ago. She remarried and became three colors, Violet Brown from Orange. I believe she’s a trucker, staying on the road much of the time but some of her children still live here). *****The Doug Harringtons are at their Colorado home for the Easter holidays. *****Buddy and Debbie Fusilier became the parents of a baby girl last week. *****We ran into George Easterling last week. He says his son Roger is teaching in Houston, Ben is a backfield coach at Ball High School and Becky and her husband live in Corpus Christi. (Editor’s note: Remember that was 30 years ago, they may be retired and the Easterlings probably have a mess of grandkids now. The last we heard from George, he was living in Mauriceville. Ain’t seen him in 20 years.)
If you are a crawfish eater, right now they are perfect, tender and tasty. Friday we took in boiled crawfish at Van Choate’s; they were delicious. The weather, fresh rain, etc. has lots to do with the quality.*****Big Daddy’s Crawfish, on Bessie Heights Road in Bridge City, sold out for Holy Week but a fresh batch is coming in starting Tuesday. They always sell live, quality crawfish. Give them a call at 670-8821 to reserve.*****We spotted Judge Roy Derry Dunn and one of  his doctor sons and his family at Tuffy’s, also Joe Chenella and family. They were knocking out some of those great, full barbecued crabs and other seafood.*****Mary Stanton has gone back to her Bridge City school bus driving job which she had previously done for several years.  Last week their grandson couldn’t come out to play with granddad Don so he played with Mary all day. That doesn’t sound like a bad deal but it wasn’t like the deal sounds. She tried to entertain him. He rode around town and made Gary’s with her. He’s doing better now. If he does too good, she’ll try to make him go to work.*****Garrett Clay Gros, the Dunn’s eldest grandson and Karen’s oldest, is celebrating his birthday March 28. He’s coming in from Mississippi to celebrate with family and friends with boiled crawfish from Big Daddy’s. Happy birthday from all of us.*****Our guy in the major leagues, John Patterson, was surprisingly cut by the Washington National last Thursday. John will now land with the Texas Rangers. Since he is still in rehab from his forearm problem, he would probably have to serve some time in the minors. John has had the worst luck when it comes to staying healthy but I predict his greatness will emerge at some point. Book it; he will be back. The American League might be his cup of tea.*****The Orange County Democratic convention will be held Sat. March 29, 9 a.m. at VFW. If you are a delegate from your precinct, you need to attend. *****You are missing a bet if you haven’t tried IV Krazy Kajuns Restaurant on Texas Ave. in Bridge City, formerly Yellow Rose. Great lunches are prepared daily the Cajun way. Food you don’t find just anywhere. Give them a try.*****Beware of misleading new car advertising. The government should do something about this. There is one dealer in Winnie that advertises cars at a very low price, unless you read the small, weasel words. You think the price is a sale price but it’s for a 24-month lease with a big balloon note to purchase at the end. It’s used for bait and switch. We commend you deal with a reputable car dealer here at home. You’ll get a fair, low price, plus you won’t just be a number, they will look out for you after the sale. Not a three-week wait to get repairs done either.*****Happy birthday Saturday, March 29 to Ivalyn Anderson, one of the finest Christian woman we know. She’s Rev. Leo’s better half.*****Our condolences to the family and friends of Adas ‘Coon’ Vincent who passed away March 17. A memorial will be held March 30, 2 p.m. at Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City. Coon was one of our unique people. He lived his 88 years to the fullest. He was always full of life and made it interesting for the folks around him. He was a pioneer in many ways. I’ll never forget what great pals he and Jimmy Segura were. The ‘Gold Dust Twins’ were the salt-of-the-earth characters. May he rest in peace. (Please see obit.)*****Easter dinner was celebrated at the Dunn reservation in a very non-traditional way. They went Italian. Rosalie furnished some of her famous Todora Italian sauce and Ms. Phyl cooked up the pasta with all the trimmings. Roy says he never ate so much delicious starch. The sauce did the trick.***** Nolan and Nelda Devillier also did the Easter feast in an unusual way. Nolan cooked up a 300-pound whole hog. Gwen and Tony Titus, Ginger and the rest of the large family celebrated the way the pilgrims did. A hog, on the pit with an apple in its mouth. Nolan is an interesting guy. The family is for that matter.*****An important gathering of the Wednesday Lunch Bunch this week at Tuffy’s, 12 noon. Everyone welcome.
Back in January, Thophile (Tee Dez) Desomeaux him, went duck hunting way up north pass Shreveport. He bagged his limit, tree ducks, and put dem in da bed of his pickup truck. He was bout to drive back home to Abbeville wen he was confronted by an ornery game warden.
Officer Melvin Johnson didn’t like Cajuns him. He axe Tee Dez to show his hunting license. Tee Dez show him a valid Louisiana license.
Office Johnson pick up one of dem duck, sniffed its butt and said, “Dis duck ain’t from Louisiana, dis here is a Texas duck.” Well boy, he axe, “Do you got a Texas license?” Tee Dez him, produced a Texas hunting license.
Da game warden looked at it, reached over and grabbed da second duck, sniffed it’s butt and said, “Dis ain’t no Texas duck, it’s from Arkansas.” “You got an Arkansas license you?”
Tee Dez produced an Arkansas license.
Da warden reached over, picked up da turd duck and sniff its butt. “Dis ain’t no Arkansas duck, dis is a Mississippi duck.” “You got a Mississippi hunting license,” he axe wit a big grin on his face.
Desomeaux him, dig in his wallet and out came a Mississippi hunting license.
Game warden Johnson him was extremely frustrated by now. He yell at dat Cajun, “Just where da hell are you from anyhow?”
Desmeaux him, he turn around, bent over, dropped his pants to his ankles and said, “Mister, you tell me, you da expert.”
Warren Claybar, B.J. Walker, BJ Walker, Karen Bozman, Margie Fields, Marjorie Fields, Sherry Stevens, Billy LeLeux, Christy Day, Lou Hillard, Nancy Crew, Sarah Coffey, Dale Forse, Jane Scherer, Jean Jackson, Lindsey Peoples, Rob Butler, Steve Holland, Annely Domas, Jason James, Katie May, Kaydee Wingate, Robert Clark Jr., Julie Norwood, Julie Walker, Kate Ferguson, Lisa Smith, Terry Stuebing, Charles Nixon, Cliff Brookshire, Danny Carter, Hunter Wilson, Mary Lejeune, Matthew Cooper, Rebecca Hunter, Carolyn Whittaker, Elizabeth Weir, James Williams, Steve Adams

High profile endorsements in the presidential race come at a price. You’re naive if you don’t believe that. All candidates are into bartering. We can only guess at which position the endorser is seeking. I believe Gov. Bill Richardson wanted Secretary of State, a spot Hillary Clinton may have already promised to Sen. Joe Biden. Sen. Obama finally had to give in to Richardson’s demand for what he wanted, after the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s outburst. The endorsement would change the dialogue and stop the Jeremiah bleed. I can’t figure why John Edwards is holding out. Tom Daschle, Sen. Chris Dodd and John Kerry and others have secured their spots. I believe the best candidate for Secretary of State is Biden, regardless of who is elected. At some point, if he sees Hillary doesn’t have much chance to win, he might flip to Obama. Richardson, a Super Delegate, in one way helps Hillary. She can now make the argument that Super Delegates don’t have to vote like their state. Hillary carried Richardson’s New Mexico. Gov. Bill’s endorsement of Barack gives her the out she was looking for. It’s hard for Hillary to get more endorsements, she has dealt away the major spots already, including vice-president to Evan Byah, a spot Richardson wanted. It’s way bigger than the average citizen realizes. It’s a chess game from start to finish, the Super Bowl of all Super Bowls. That’s my take on it anyway.*****I’ve gotta get out of here. Thanks for your time. Check us out on our web, the area’s fastest growing, up-to-the-minute news, 24 hours a day. Take care. God bless our troops.