The Orangefield High School Stark Reading Contest began on Feb.26 with the semi-final round and continued on March 13 with the OHS final round. The top five students for the declamation and interpretive speeches were selected from the semi-finalist participants.
The students for declamation included Heather Quarles, Jessica Maass, Caleb Smith, Stephanie Bridges, and Erin Heimbach.
The students for interpretive included Robyn Boudreaux, Leah Matlock, Hannah Richard, Lauren Flowers, and Jennifer Garrison.
The two finalists selected to represent Orangefield at the County Stark Reading Contest to be held on April 27 are Stephanie Bridges for declamation speech and Robyn Boudreaux for interpretive speech.

These students will receive scholarships in the amount of $2,000.  The second place finishers, Caleb Smith for declamation and Jennifer Garrison for interpretive, will receive $1,500 scholarships.  Thanks to the Stark Foundation for funding the program and to Mrs. Catt for sponsoring this program.

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