At the planning and zoning meeting held on Monday March 24 there were several issues discussed, including requests to approve preliminary plats for two of the new subdivisions in the City.

The first approval was given to Acadian Gardens/Acadian Quarters for the plat relating to Phase II of the development.

The second plat approved was for the Taylor Estates located near the Gulf States Power Plant.

The item on the agenda relating to the development of an RV park was only able to be discussed and not acted on due to the fact that the plat as presented did not provide enough details for the construction.

The RV Park will be on Crumpler Street, near the Dollar General Store. The park will cover 2 ½ acres and provide 33 spaces.

The details should be provided and the plat ready for action at the next meeting.
City Manager and acting Public Works director Jerry Jones made a report on several projects ongoing in the city.

Demolition of the water tower at the City Hall on Rachel Drive has been delayed slightly due to some environmental issues that need to be addressed.

The plans for the Ferry Drive expansion will be possibly be ready for approval by the week of March 31. Jones said, “there are some environmental issues to be settled then work will begin on the drainage, water, and sewer aspects of the project.”

The contractor hired by the La Quinta Inn project has requested information about the cost of the permits necessary for the project. Construction is expected to start within the next few weeks.

Jones also said, “he will be able to pour the slab before all the drainage work is done. There will be no problems in doing both jobs at the same time.”

Plans for the construction of the Walgreens have been approved and it is expected that construction will begin in the near future.

“We have demolished 70 of the houses damaged by Hurricane Rita and have 30 more to go. We will once  again be able to use inmate labor for the demolition of houses. There was a problem with their transportation, but that had been fixed.” Jones said.

“The sewer cleaning along Texas Avenue has begun and seems to be going along with few problems. The contractor is using cameras to inspect the sewers and is finding few problems.”

The next meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission will be held on April 28 at City Hall.