Sgt. Jeremy “Dane” Savoie, an Orangefield class of 2000 graduate, returned home last night for a little rest and recreation break from his third tour in Iraq
One of the first things Savoie did was visit Mrs. Gottes second grade class at Orangefield Elementary Thursday. His younger brother, Luke Padilla, talks about his brother all the time. His class “adopted” Savoie and started writing letters to the soldier in Iraq. They kept up with him by getting reports from Luke on almost a daily basis before they could start their class work.
Mrs. Gottes class was presented with a cerificate and a flag that was flown by his avation unit by Dane as his way of thanking them for all the letters and support that they give him and his fellow soldiers.
“The letters that some of these children wrote really made Dane feel great when times were rough and helped him make it through them.  These children are special to Dane and he wanted to thank each of them,” said Tammy Padilla, Savoie’s mother.
Savoie is in his sixth year in the Army and has earned the rank of Staff Sargent. He will be returning to Iraq on April 14th. 

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