The Orange County Grand Jury has released the following indictments.  All are from Orange unless indicated.  The allegations are as follows.
Manslaughter/Negligent Homicide:
Timothy Pearce Michael, 43, recklessly and with criminal negligence shot a killed a woman.
Felony Theft:
Stephanie Peveto, 37, participated in an internet scam
Joy Lynell Richard, 44, 3 cases, stole property on three different occasions.
Lakeisha Shonette Brady, 25, Stole property from a discount store in Pinehurst.
Tamisha Monique Hudson, 24, Dycleshia Nelson, 24, stole property from a cell phone store in Pinehurst.
Felony Forgery:
Devon Lachiel Fisher, 28, stole check from an elderly patient for whom she was supposed to be a caregiver.
Felony Assault:
Link Gerard Roberts, 35, assaulted two police officers
Troy Wayne Ball, 60, of Vidor, assaulted a sheriff’s deputy who responded to a domestic disturbance.
Aggravated Robbery:
Jose Cruz, 18, Frederico Johnson 19, Eddie Levias 43, Patrick Levias, 46, all of Newton Co. robbed Orange Savings Bank/McLewis at gunpoint.
Chanson Andrew Cooper, 30, of Leesville, robbed an Orange Pharmacy.
Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance:
Jerry Dale Apshire Jr., 29, of Vidor, possession of methamphetamine.
Lakesha sharell Jones, 18, of Church Point, Louisiana, Tomeka Narvel Jones, 30, of Crowley, Louisiana, possession of a large quantity of prescription drugs, without a prescription.
Suella Renee Hoffpauir, 37, Lynette Massey, 43, of Mauriceville, possession of cocaine.
James Kevin Chambless, 53 possession of cocaine.
Tyrone Miguel Solomon, 39, possession of cocaine.
Ector Sanches, 32, of Hahnville, Louisiana, Shane Anthony Trahan, 34, of Des Allemend, Louisiana, possession of druges.
Christine Rash Broussard, 46 possession of cocaine.
Deborah Kay Savoy, 45, of Vidor possession of amphetamine.
Credit Card Abuse:
Justin Matthew Gray, 26, of Vidor, 2 cases, stole credit cards from a residence and made unauthorized charges.
Gina Carol Davis, 42, of Vidor stole credit cards and made unauthorized charges.
Aggravated Kidnapping:
Carl Edward Frank, 52, of Vidor, kidnapped a woman in Beaumont and held her in his residence in Vidor.
Indecency with a Child:
Avant Dion Armentrout, 41, of Vidor sexually molested a child in Orange county.
Continuous Sexual Assault of a Child/Aggravated Sexual Assault:
Marcus Paul Kershaw Sr., 36, of Henry St in Vidor, sexually abused a young child over a period of at least 30 days.