Bridge City Cardinal Tim Sharp took the gold medal at the State Powerlifting meet in Abilene this weekend. He was joined by five other Cardinals at the state meet: Kris Wedekind, Micah Elender, Michael Kosh Jery Nguyen and Garrett Mcniel.

Orangefield senior, Harry Corbett was the only Bobcat to attend the meet.

Sharp, competing in the 132 pound weight class secured the first place win by squatting 485 pounds, bench pressing 275 and with a dead lift of 430 equalling a total weight of 1190. His squat of 485 pounds broke a ten year record.

Wedekind took fourth in the 198 pound weight class with a total lift of 1430.

Placing 7th in the 132 pound class was Micah Elenderwith a total lift of 995 pounds.
Both Kosh and Nguyen placed ninth in their individual classes.

In the 165 pound class Kosh totaled 1210 pounds while Nguyen lifted a total of 835 pounds in the 123 pound class.

Orangefield’s Corbett competed in the 220 pound weight class. Squatting 525 pounds, bench pressing 300 pounds, and dead lifting 550 pounds for a total of 1,375 pounds, Corbett placed ninth. 

Orangefield’s head power lifting coach, Chad Coulter, had mixed emotions about Corbett’s accomplishments.  “As Harry’s coach I am extremely proud of Harry and the growth he has made this season….as a former Orangefield state qualifier, I have to admit that I am a little jealous that Harry tied my total and in reality beat it, since he was in a lighter weight class. Orangefield is always evolving and I am glad to see kids like Harry continuing to raise the bar.”

Out of seven state qualifiers from the area, six made it into the top ten.