Most people now have their gardens planted. Most of our garden here at the Bucket Farm has been planted thanks to Neighbor Cox who came over and gave us a hand. We should be all done by the time you read this. I’m constantly amazed at how many people read this publication, plus advertisers tell us they get more response from an ad in ‘The Record’ than any other media. Over 45,000 read this paper weekly. I need to ask you a favor. Please tell our advertisers we sent you. Here are a couple of examples of not doing that. Last week, a Mr. Fusilier from Orangefield bought a tractor from David Self Tractor in Buna. He let us know he bought it after seeing an ad in our paper, but he didn’t tell the folks at David Self we sent him. The same thing happened a couple of weeks earlier when a customer bought a new car from Harmon Chevrolet. He told us, but he didn’t tell them. Please let the advertisers know you saw their message in this paper. We reach more people in this market than any other print media. Our website is busting at the seams also. Check us out 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week for the latest breaking news. *****Well I’d better stop jawing and get to work. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

Voting in the law enforcement runoffs is now in progress in Orange County. You may vote early through Friday. If you fail to get to the polls early, Election Day is April 8. When the smoke clears, we will have three new constables. Two more races are to be decided, in Pct. 1 and Pct. 2. It will be the first time in history that three new constables take office at the same time. The Pct. 3 race has already been decided. Always, when the sheriff’s race is hotly contested, it takes center stage to every other race, as well it should. The sheriff’s department dictates the quality of law enforcement we will have in this county in the future. Will we continue down the same path or will we make a change? That’s the question for all voters. Your voice cannot be heard unless you return to the polls and cast your vote. You can’t take anything for granted and let others decide. Your vote is important. Every day a print out comes out saying who voted, so if you told a candidate that you would vote and you don’t, a lot of people will know it. Keep your word. Let’s have a good turnout. You can vote at any of the early voting boxes. it’s easy and quick.

The constant media bashing of Sen. Hillary Clinton has driven her approval rating and numbers way down. No one’s reputation can stand that kind of constant hammering. Most people who know her say that she is a very likable lady, but the American people are starting to buy into the negative spin. The male anchors have always been pro-Obama and mostly against Hillary because she’s a woman. They and Obama supporters would like for Hillary to fold her tent, saying she can’t win and is hurting the Democratic Party. They are wrong on both counts. She can win if she has to go all the way to the convention and win on the second ballot. Another thing is if it goes to the convention, it will draw the biggest television audience ever. What a show for the Demos that would be. Her opponents, asking her to quit running, is like Coke-Cola asking Pepsi to quit selling products in Texas. Coke would be the only one to benefit. MSNBC are pro-Obama with the exception of Joe ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough and Pat Buchanan. Chris Matthews and Jack Cafferty, of CNN, prove they are both chauvinist with constant bashing saying Hillary can’t win. What she really has to fear is the affect on her fund raising. Bill Clinton says everyone should chill out and let the elections go on. The Obama people fear that if she is allowed to continue she might figure a way to win. If she doesn’t, we are really in a bind. McCain gives us much of the same. Eight-years ago, even four-years ago, he was a good candidate, now he has sold his soul to the Far Right. From the sampling I’m getting, I’m afraid Obama can’t win and if he does, do we really want what we get? I’ve learned this, Hillary Clinton is true grit and I believe the best presidential candidate since FDR. She would be carrying the torch for every little girl born in this country. A note from Gary Mauro who says, “Demos in Texas picked up two extra delegates and maybe two more. Obama didn’t reach the threshold in 20 Texas counties. Don’t count Hillary out yet, she’s a fighter. She could use some money help so go to her website.

30-Years Ago-1978
Sheila Beeson, editor of the Opportunity Valley News, was elected to the Rose City Council. Sheila might have made history by being the first woman in Orange County elected to a city council. *****Nadine Slaughter, chief deputy county clerk, died after being critically injured in an auto accident.*****Hughen School for Crippled Children, the only one of its kind in the world, will hold formal dedication and ground breaking ceremonies for their new Bob Hope High School. Doug Kershaw, for whom the music hall will be named, will be in attendance. W.T. Oliver of Bridge City is president of the school. *****Last Saturday, nine great guys exposed themselves for the benefit of the Bridge City/Orangefield Community Center in a mock beauty pageant. Bill Dryden, ‘Miss Willowy Wilhelmina’ was crowned queen. Jesse ‘Jessica Just-Luscious’ Freemont won the swimsuit competition. Bobby Cormier, Fred Broussard, J. Lawson, Gene Edgerly, Jim Oliff, Hank Eckhardt and Lawrence Helton were all lovely gals. Richard Corder was master of ceremonies. *****Jo Amodeo and Tim Finnell were top winners at the art show sponsored by Orange Art League. Jo won with her watercolor ‘Empty Boat,’ which was painted mostly with a sponge. Tim won with his pen and ink drawing of the Stark House. *****Beth Dugas celebrates a birthday April 5. *****Wilda Martin, writer for the family owned Dunn’s OVN newspaper, received praise from Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards for her story on A.J. Judice Jr. and also on story she wrote on Parks, Louisiana. The governor wrote ‘Thanks for the pride you take in our state.” She also got compliments from the Mayor of Parks and from the ‘Teche News,’ the St. Martinsville newspaper, on her story about Judice. *****Bernard Giarratono celebrates a birthday this week. *****Former Sheriff Chester Holt is in a Beaumont hospital undergoing tests after being under the weather. *****Bernis, Harold Beeson’s famous dog, is home after being at Dr. Jordan’s for heartworms treatments. Shelia says they are concerned because he still has a cough. *****Pat Garrett, of the Pilot Club of Orange, Inc., has been appointed district coordinator for Pilot International. Mrs. Garrett was a major role in developing programs in Texas. She will preside over seminar at Dallas convention. She has served as president of the local club and as a district leader. She will attend her 10th annual international convention in Washington, D.C. Pat is past state president for Jaycettes, past president of the March of Dimes. She is married to G.L. ‘Red’ Garrett, former Orange City Councilman, and has a daughter and two sons.

Mark and Sharon Dunn returned in the wee hours Monday morning after a quick trip to Boston to see daughter Jenna and the two grandchildren, Nate and his brand new sister, Delilah. Mark says six-year-old Nate is quite a good athlete. He taught his grandfather how to skate board. Delilah is a beautiful child and her grandparents are extremely proud of both. The Dunns took in a lot of seafood; clams, steamed and fried, plus plenty of lobster. The worst part of the trip was delays at Logan on the non-stop flight. Five hours is a longtime without a smoke. *****The Orange County Democratic convention was a big success according to Chairman Mark Carter. He said nearly 700 attended. The delegation was awarded 21 delegates to Clinton, nine to Obama. Everyone had a great time. Several candidates had booths. Carter said Merritt and wife Marlene stayed until the last person went home. That’s called grass roots.*****On April 4, Liz Wickersham and Paul DeRounian celebrate their special day. *****Happy birthday to Barbara Riddick on April 2. *****Jacob Van Chen turned 16 on March 31. ***** Joe Vercher Jr. will be 40-years-old come April 6. That’s not ‘over the hill’ but it’s half way to the top. *****Did you hear about the 800-pound woman who supposedly fell on her baby and killed it? The father of that baby has got to be the world’s toughest minded guy. Mentally prepared. *****Every morning Johnny Montagne and Moe Litton can be spotted at the Exxpress Mart coffee table. Johnny said he got a call from Moe in the wee hours last week and Moe asked what he was doing. “Sleeping like you should be doing,” Johnny answered. Everyone knows Moe roams and doesn’t sleep much. Moe wanted Johnny to come with jumper cables because his truck wouldn’t start and he was blocking traffic. Those two together are a riot. *****Michelle Obama hasn’t been seen since the exposure of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Before that she was on the tube every day. They have hidden her from the press so she doesn’t have to say how many of those hate-filled sermons she heard while in attendance at the church. *****NOTES: Jody and Bill Andes celebrate their ‘trick or treat’ wedding anniversary on April Fool’s Day. I wonder which was the trick, the treat or April Fool’s joke. Just kidding guys. Best wishes.*****Our buddy Hunter Davis recently took first place in the Lamar Port Arthur talent show singing two original songs and accompanying himself on guitar. Hunter has a real talent, plus he’s tall, good looking and a prime candidate for the big time.*****The 21-3A District Track Meet will be held Thursday, April 3 in Silsbee beginning at noon. The running finals will be held Saturday, April 5, starting at 6 p.m.

Mike Vincent, Tammy LaBert, Allison Asbury, Evolyn Gould, Angie Sellers, Barbara Riddick, Vickie Foreman, Dalica Marie Bienivides, Ed McCracken, Ed Whitrock, Jason Vincent, Kellie Fontenot, Kent Pierce, Mack McDonald, Margaret Richter, Michael McAllister, Mikayla Kohn, Nevella Toal, Sawyer Hogan, Arline Dodge, Charles Wickersham, Desirea Wilson, Eddie Asbury, Geoff Rendall, Lannie Claybar, Linda Currie, Alan Anderson, Hillary Benefield, Hovel Chandler, Jason Ballard, Jeremy Simmons, Joe Peery, Kathie Dorman, Kirk Jordan, Mike Callahan, Rose Cormier, Sandra McRight, Shiloh Walker, Spencer Johns, Travis Primrose, Al DeRoche, Brandie Fowler, Dan Domas, Janet Bland, Libby Harrison, Lisa Coffey, Nancy McWhorte, Niki Vidla, Race Dearborne, Rebecca S. Hunter, Cora Woodard, Cyndie Chauvin, David Blanton, Helen Locklin, James Bourdier, Jean Saxon, John Green, Shirley Hayes, Bob Cummings, Brenda McPherson, Janet Anderson, Linda Juneau, Wayne McPherson, April Butler, Billie Jo Nelson, Brandy Block, Cathy Riley, Joyce Kleinknecht, Lindsey Etheridge, Lorene Zoch, Mrs. David Goode, Patsy Herrington, Peggy Drane.

Dudley Comeaux, him, went on a vacation to Hawaii. While at poolside, a man came and sit down nex to Comeaux. Dudley say to him, “Hallo, how you doing you? My name is Comeaux, I’m from Ville Platt, Looseanna me, I’m on vacation. My house it caught fire and burnt to da ground. I got a little extra money from da insurance company, dat’s how I came here on dis vacation.”
Well that’s interesting,” said da man, “I’m here from California. My house flooded and I used the extra insurance money for this vacation.”
Comeaux say, “Mais, man, dat’s good, but let me axe you one ting, how da heck did you start dat dere flood, hanh?”

This past week ‘Gypsy’ died. A lot of people didn’t realize he had a real name. He was born Russell Suggs on April 3, 1927, in Marshall, Texas. ‘Gypsy’ was a colorful guy, fun loving and liked by everyone who knew him. He and his wife Nita raised a great family, most making their homes here. Roy talks about himself and his friend Russell in his ‘Life’s Highway’ column. Check it out, plus see the obituary.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s, 12 noon. Judge Carl Thibodeaux hasn’t been seen in four weeks, but the grapevine says he will probably show up this week. I understand, according to Roy, that a surprise guest is expected. He’s said that before and his neck turned yellow.*****There is a new study out that says cell phones are more dangerous than cigarette smoking. Cell phones cause brain tumors, which could be deadly. If this report is correct, I know a gal that doesn’t have a chance. I think that thing has an ear which has grown around her phone. *****The election season in Orange County started with 26 candidates. The best crop of qualified candidates I can recall. Real good folks who offered themselves for political office. We enjoyed meeting them all and thank them for using our newspaper as their primary advertising media. Now the race is down to six and when the day ends next Tuesday, there will be only three winners. The candidates have worked hard and spent good money to get you to the polls. I hope you will respond by taking time to vote.

*****SPECIAL NOTICE: Next week The County Record and The Penny Record will be published on Wednesday morning with all the election results and interviews plus some added attractions. Don’t panic come Tuesday, we will be on our way the very next day. *****Gotta go now. Thanks for your time, take care and God bless.