The 27th annual Mauriceville Crawfish Festival Beauty Pageant was held Saturday March 15 at the LCM High School auditorium.  Several girls from the surrounding areas participated in the pageant.  The 2008 Festival queen will reign over all activities at the festival which will be held April 18th, 19th & 20th.  The festival queen Bailie Viator is a student at Bridge City High School .  For more information on the festival please contact 745-1357 or 745-1202.



Baby Miss Queen:Kamryn Landry

1St Runner Up: Haley Johnson

Photogenic: Kamryn Landry


Dainty Miss Queen: Lauren Corrao

1st Runner Up: Morgan McKay

2nd Runner Up: Lela Welch

Photogenic: Lauren Corrao


Toddler Miss Queen: Shailee Watz

1st Runner Up: Madison McDonald

2nd Runner Up: Laykin Elmore

Photogenic: Shailee Watz


Tiny Miss Queen: Kyleigh Dupuy

1st Runner Up: Alivia Craig

2nd Runner Up: McKenzie Freeman

Photogenic: McKenzie Freeman


Little Miss Queen: Kadence Williams

1st Runner Up: Taryn Matthews

2nd Runner Up: Laynee McCall

Photogenic: Laynee McCall


Petite Miss Queen: Sydney McGraw

1st Runner Up: Kaylee Poole

2nd Runner Up: Heather Hutto

Photogenic: Sydney McGraw


Yong Miss Queen: Jade Moreau

1st Runner Up: Hannah Hutto

2nd Runner Up: Natashia Barker

Photogenic: Hannah Hutto


Junior Miss Queen: Lauren Quarles

1st Runner Up: Debra Kay Huff

2nd Runner Up: Shannon Williams

Photogenic: Britten Fawcett


Senior Miss Festival Queen: Bailie Viator

1st Runner Up: Kristin Wise

2nd Runner Up: Breanna Edmondson

Photogenic: Jennifer Raymer