First up – it’s the little boys!  The half-pint brawlers, Midget Gonzo Extreme Power Wrestlers!  (

There’s no hold these guys won’t try, blood flies as they use fingers, fists, chairs, pins and every nasty trick in the book to win and entertain!  Don’t miss midget extreme power wrestling Saturday night April 12th in the longhorn – you’ll never forget it.

Then – the very next week, Saturday April 19th, the big bad boys of mixed martial arts move into the squared longhorn circle to settle some scores old and new.  This show features professionals and amateurs who’ve spent the past several weeks in rigid training regimes in order to show southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas we don’t grow wimps!  This is a full feature MMA pro-am event and you won’t want to miss a single kick, punch or ground pounding moment.

For further information or tickets call: 337-589-5647 ext. 103, Daleys gym: 337-215-1677 or pick up advance tickets in Beaumont at: Sam’s Western Wear, the Horsemans store in Orange, Bar-B Western Wear in Vidor, Cottens Western Wear on Ryan in lake Charles or at the Longhorn box office in Vinton.