Sgt. Jeremy "Dane" Savoie is enjoying time at home. He is in his third tour in Iraq. He will be home until April 14 when he will return for ten months.
Savoie is a Supply Sergeant with the 4th Squadron of the 3rd Armored Calvary. His assignments in Iraq have placed him in several different locations, including Baghdad. Savoie is now stationed in Mosul.
"Things have improved over there since my first tour in 01. The Iraqis now seem to want our help and are more friendly than they were at first I am beginning to feel like we are accomplishing something", Savoie said.
He also said, "my day is now more like a normal work day. Combat has slowed a good bit; I go to the gym in the morning and then have normal duties. There are patrol assignments, and we always pray that nothing will happen.
He will return to Iraq for the remainder of his tour and then be given another assignment elsewhere. He expects to return to Iraq for a fourth tour about a year after his next assignment.
Savoie joined the Army after high school graduation. He has plans to make the Army a career. He said, "I have over seven years in the Army. I love what I do and I do not see any reason to start all over with a new career."
A 2000 graduate of Orangefield High School, Savoie was an outstanding football player. He was a runner-up for the Willie Ray Smith Award, a 2nd Team High School All American, the Outstanding Athlete for Orange County and the recipient of several other awards for his performance as an accomplished running back..
Among the things Savoie has done while home was a visit to his brother’s second grade class at Orangefield Elementary School. The class has "adopted" Savoie and has sent him letters and other things while he has been in Iraq. The class was pleased to have him visit and he was happy to meet and visit with them. The class will continue to be in contact with him on his return to Iraq.