The Community Women in Action is now accepting letters of nominations for Mother of the Year. The letter should state why you believe this person should be chosen as Mother of the Year. In your letter include the reasons you believe your nomination is special to you and your loved ones along with any civic and volunteer activities this person performs or has performed in the past.

The mother nominated must live within the Bridge City/Orangefield area although persons sending in letters are not required to live within this area. Name, address, and telephone number of the nominated person should be included with the nominees past and present involvement in family, community and other services.

The full name, address and telephone number of the person sending in the nominations is also needed. If the person nominated is not chosen, she may be nominated again the following year.

Mother of the Year will be presented with a certificate of honor and a gift certificate.

For additional information please contact June Gregory 735-4987 or Ellen Nickum 735-4150. 

Please send your letter to Community Women in Action, PO Box 372, Bridge City, TX 77611 or return to Bill Nickum State Farm Insurance 1930 Texas Ave in Bridge City.