Marriage License Issued By The Office Of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk For The Week of March 31, 2008 Through April 4, 2008

James D. Davis and Jennifer K. Shepherd

Travis O. Collins and Nicol Dove
Craig S. Small and Lori A. Degeyter
Rick E. McWilliams and Robin H. LaFleur
Darryl W. Sons and Amy D. Smith
Michael A. Johnson and Ashley M. Peveto
Odes G. Gordon and Patricia A. Clark
Johny L. Barger and Melissa M. Ayers
Thomas J. Hanlon III and Tonya D. Copeland
Thaddeus M. Nunez and Tami L. Harvey
Donald J. Manuel and Angela K. Gunter
Michael E. Pittman and Christie L. Johnson
Timothy L. Courvelle and Debra M. Bryant
Bobby D. Parrott and Arline N. Lagana
Scott W. Googins and Donna J. Jines

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