Friday night was the third round of the Ring of Fire Bull Riding Series at the Longhorn Entertainment Complex. When the night was over the bulls led by a score of 10-1. Ten bulls in a row bucked off their riders, only the last rider made a covered ride on his bull.
The first rider out was Justin Braxton who was bucked off in less time than it takes to say it. The bull came out with a hard stab to the ground on his first buck and Braxton bit the dust.
Vince Viator was next out. Viator is a little older than the average rider at the Longhorn. His bull got him off quick and then turned and head-butted Viator hard enough to stagger him as he tried to get off of the ground.
Rider D.W. Marville was another who took to the ground in a hurry. His ride was three seconds at the most.
Dawson McGee was the fourth rider of the night. His bull spun and bucked and McGee lost his seat and headed for the ground. He had the problem of his spur hanging in the hand rope as the rope came off of the bull. McGee was drug a little as bullfighter Cody Chaisson moved in to help.
Amos Romero in the number five slot had asked at the sign-in if he could ride two bulls. He was told he could and this was his first ride. It did not go well. Romero was unable to hang onto a spinning bull and went of in about three seconds. He hit the ground and got a score of zero for the night, the fifth in a row.
Alex Zaumbacher was the sixth rider to be bucked off. His buckoff was spectacular. With seeming ease the bull not only bucked Zaumbacher off of his back but also managed to fling him high in the air, very high. Zaumbacher hit the ground so hard that the impact caused him to lose his senses. He was able to walk but only with the aid of the paramedic in attendance.
Nathan Dupis was bucked off so close to the front of the chute that the gate could not be closed until he moved out of the way. He was the seventh rider in a row to be bucked off.
Rider number eight was Josh Durant. Durant was carried across the arena and dumped more than bucked off into the fence. The bull then proceeded to resist being driven out of the arena. Pickup Man Chipper Nance rode into the arena and roped the bull. The bull turned and charged Nance?s horse. After a few minutes Nance and his horse were able to pull the bull out of the arena.
The rider in the number nine position was Casey Stone. Stone looked for a few seconds like he would be able to hold for a while. Unfortunately he only lasted about four seconds.
Amos Romero made his second ride of the night and did no better the second time around. Romero was bucked off in two seconds.
The eleventh and final rider of the night was Jonathan Mimix. The bull came out and spun and went completely down on its left side. Minix was pinned under the bull by his left leg. As the bull began to get up and Mimix was able to loosen his leg the buzzer sounded.
In one of the most controversial calls ever made by rodeo judges the ride was declared good and Mimix was awarded 64 points. Anyone with any rodeo experience that was present wondered why a re-ride was not given. It appeared that the flanking rope on the bull was too tight and hindered the bull’s movement. The grounds for a re-ride were there, but the judges did not grant the re-ride. They chose to declare the ride covered. Minix had the only score of the night and received a payoff of $610.00.
The bull regained his strength and movement after the ride and refused to be moved out of the arena. When he was finally urged to the exit gate he was held instead of being let out of the rear gate. The bull turned and blew out the exit gate just as the gateman was attempting to latch the gate. The gate opened with force and caused the gateman to stagger. The bull charged and gateman was stepped and kicked him as the bull went over him and rolled him in the dirt. It was a hard wreck.
The Marshall Tucker Band took the stage at 10:30 and brought out some strong Southern Rock. The crowd was pleased by the music and was enthusatic as the old favorites were played. "Fire on the Mountain" was a particular favorite. The Band shows that they have gotten better as they have gotten slightly older. They are still capable of giving the same high-energy shows that they have done in the past.
It was a long day at the Longhorn. At 4:00 P. M. was the groundbreaking for the new 4,000 seat covered rodeo arena. Ray and Tina Cotton are committed to building the best rodeo facility in the area and have plans to attract rodeo on levels from youth to professional. They will produce full event rodeos and bull ridings. It will be exciting to watch as things progress at the Longhorn Entertainment Complex.
The next event scheduled is midget wrestling on April 11. The next bull riding will be the fourth round of the Ring of Fire Series and will be held on April 25.