What frequently ends in tragedy, had a much better outcome in Orangefield, Saturday Night.

Around 8:10 p.m. a call went out to the Bridge City Orangefield Volunteer Fire Department. Truck versus motorcycle on Wendy Lane. Firefighters and first responders fled to a scene that could have been tragic for a local family.

When they arrived, 24 year old, Jason Roberts was leaning against a tree and conscious. Muddy from head to toe, with blood on his face and holding his arm, Roberts at first was refusing to go to the hospital.

“He doesn’t have any insurance,” said his mother, lifelong Orangefield resident Jackie Martin Roberts.

It was not completely clear exactly what happened at the time of the accident.

“He said a truck pulled out in front of him,” said his mother.

Roberts then lost control of his motorcycle and went in the ditch. It is not known if his motorcycle was struck by the truck. Also unknown, is who was driving the truck or what make it was.

He was taken to Memorial Hermann Baptist-Orange Hospital to be treated for his injuries. The extent of those injuries are not known at this time.

Roberts was approximately one mile from home where the accident occurred.

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