The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce has recognized Mary Nell Weatherford as their Employee of the Month.

Weatherford is a relationship banker at Capital One Bank in Bridge City. Hired in February 1990 as a personal banker for the Beaumont Main Office Branch, she worked there 14 years and retired in July of 2004.

After three long weeks of retirement she was rehired with Capital One as a part-time personal banker at the Bridge City branch.

Shortly after, she was diagnosed with cancer and began radiation treatments. Throughout her treatments, Weatherford continued to work daily.  Always doing her part, she never complained, and was always in high spirits.  A great person to work with, she works hard each day and is truly “One of a Kind.”

Weatherfordd is a loving Christian woman whom everyone admires and respects. She’s like a mom and a best friend all in one person. No matter how bad things get, she knows just the right thing to say or do to make you feel better. She is a person who always thinks of everyone else first.

Recently, when faced with a family tragedy, Weatherford was very upset and immediately grabbed her things to leave. Remembering she had a meeting with a client that day, she stopped, gathered the customer’s information, and gave it to one of the other bankers. Weatherford told them what they needed to go over with the customer and asked them to let the customer know she was sorry that she missed them, but had an emergency.

Weatherford called the bank and checked in every day. When she returned, she was tired from being away but never complained.

That same night she attended the Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet where she stayed and helped clean up afterwards.

Those actions show you that she is truly a loving, caring, dedicated employee, always willing to work whenever we needed. She will do anything for a customer that is possible. Many customers will sit in the lobby and wait just so Weatherford can help them. At Capital One, they consider it an honor to call her their friend and colleague.