Marriage License Issued By

The Office Of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For The Week of April 7, 2008 Through April 11, 2008
Jordan M. James and Keisha M. Broussard
Damian P. Finley and Kira C. Sawyer-Thomas
Jeremy D. Gonzalez and Heather J. Hogan
Paul T. Staib Jr. and Cynthia K. Painter
Bobby J. LeBlanc and Kelly M. Brown
Curtis E. Laraby and DeAnna A. Long
Charles J. Henson and Joyce S. Sherrill
Justin L. Ply and Cecelia G. Bonin
Delfino B. Duque and Tiffany A. Smith
Chad A. Scales and Desiree N. Osborne
Rodney A. Christ and Tiffany M. Smith

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