Bridge City High School Senior Students volunteered to participate in the 2008 Spring General Educational Development (GED) Item Tryout Study.  The purpose of this Item Tryout Study is to test potential questions for use on future GED Tests.  The GED Tests enable adults who have not completed a traditional program of high school study to earn their state’s high school credential or diploma.  The credibility of this credential is derived from administering the GED Tests to current graduating high school seniors and setting the passing standard based on those seniors’ performance.


On behalf of future candidates for the GED high school equivalency credential, the GED Testing Service of the American Council on Education thanks the following high school seniors for their participation in this important study.  Bridge City High School Senior Students are:  Ellen Ballard, Jenna Blanda, Tiffany Block, Matthew Broussard, Michael Broussard, Laura Clark, Jordan Doguet, Hannah Dunahoe, Amanda Ginn, Carolina Hadley, Elizabeth Hendon, Cade Howard, Michael Kosh, Conner Leger, Troy Luce, Taylor Miller, Haylee, Taylor, Mark Virva, Kacie Wehmeyer, and Alissa Whittaker.