An 84-year-old man recovering from hip surgery died in a house fire early Monday morning on the second floor of a house at 809 12th St.

George Says, 84, was pronounced dead at the scene after his body was found by members of the Orange Fire Department. Justice of the Peace Rodney Price has ordered an autopsy.

According to Orange Fire Chief Jerry Ziller, Says was able to get around and climb the stairs, but had mobility issues.

Elda Says, 56, was also in the residence when the fire started.

According to Orange detectives, the relationship between the two Says has not been determined.

Unable to assist the elder Says to evacuate, she went next door to call 911 for help.

The Fire Department responded to the call of a house fire with a man trapped inside at about 4 a.m. Monday moring.  The small two story house was heavily involved in flames when they arrived.

Fire fighters immediatly entered the building to rescue Says, but he was already dead according to Ziller.

The blaze was brought under control within 15 minutes after Says was removed from the building.

Ziller said the fire started on the first floor, while both occupants were upstairs. The investigation is not complete, but, “the fire has been determined to be unintentional,” said Ziller.  The exact cause is not known.

“We still have one interview to conduct.” said Ziller.

The first floor occupant was away in Austin at the time of the fire.

Ziller reminds the public, “Be sure to have working smoke detectors Be careful of any flammables. Lighters, candles, stove, any open fire in your house is looking for a way out.”

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