The Student Leadership institute is a program implemented by Laverne Eaves, the SLi director, this year at Community Christian School which teaches students how to be leaders in the community and in their personal lives. After attending hands-on workshops and informational assemblies all year, the Junior High and High school students, accompanied by a school sponsor, spend a week serving the community.
Maureen Street, CCS Curriculum Director, escorted Jade Corbello, Amy Hanks, Krislon Lona, Amanda Royer, and Noella Schluter to aid the elderly with tasks they are no longer able to perform in the home and in their yards.
Lisa Berwick, World History teacher, and several parents drove to Camp Otanya, a Camp Fire Girls’ retreat near Kirbyville, to prepare for the summer camping season. Zackery Anderson, Daniel Battise, Ethan Berwick, Brandon Burns, Nathan Landolt, Ryan Whitten, and Tyler Whitten painted cabins, built a butterfly garden, and cleaned the grounds.
At Dry Creek Christian Camp, sponsors Sharon Monk and Alyssa Hale, Junior High teachers, and Brent Faulk, Assistant Children’s Pastor, and several parents oversaw the “face-lift” of the camp. Students Ashlyn Akhtar, Donovan Armstrong, Elliot Atkinson, Gary Bell, Ivey Benoit, Brady Boatman, Brooke Boatman, Haley Brack, James Herbert, Alex Hurst, Jay Kibodeaux, Samantha Leifeste, Jacob Martin, Taylor Godwin, Leah Harrington, Lauren Leger, Sara Scarborough, Katherine Tibbitts, and Madalyn Tran-Reno gathered hundreds of giant pine cones, pulled weeds, raked and swept.
April Brown, Athletics Instructor, Jamie Foster, regular substitute teacher, and Judy Klein, the Algebra I teacher, accompanied Brett Foster, DeAndre Jones, Jonathan LeRoux, Matthew McAfee, Alex Parrish, David Rainey, and Mary Ann Riley. They assisted the Orange Corps of the Salvation Army by organizing closets and storage buildings and cleaning the grounds around the buildings.
At the Salvation Army Thrift Store, Carma Judy and several volunteer parents helped students Heather Floersheim, Shelby Gibson, Hannah Girndt, Harvey Hammond, Lauren Jackson, Brittni James, Josie Jay, Mallori Parrish, and Nathan Zerko as they sorted bins of clothing and household items, straightened shelves, washed windows, and swept floors.
Sophomores: Amber Akhtar, Kelsey Benoit, Darrin Cannon, Corye James, Katie McAfee, Chelsea Mires, Sarah Moseley, Billy Palmer, Katie Palmer, Christina Pulido, Angie Royer, and Juniors: Heather Battise, Jessica Jay, Tyler Leifeste, Katelyn Moseley, Christina Pryor, Haley Richardson, and Caitlyn Skidmore were accompanied by Denise Block, the high school principal, Dr. Fred Smith, Jr., the school counselor, and a number of parents. This group toured area universities in preparation for leadership roles as college freshmen.
The final group traveled all the way to San Antonio and the Latin American Bible Institute in San Antonio where they met with Edgar Ackerman and AGORA Ministries. Seniors Anna Brossette, Carissa Hollan, Sarah Kain, Maria Pulido, and Cory Rogers accompanied by their sponsors, David and Sandy Wagner, sorted canned goods, stuffed 8,000 Easter eggs, handed out flyers to invite the poverty-stricken tenants of the West End to the council meeting and the Easter egg hunt, painted walls, cleaned the AGORA building, and finally held a huge Easter egg hunt for the underprivileged children of the area.
Each trip was a rousing success which served our community and showed the students what it’s like to impact the world. According to one student, “I think we all learned that we should be thankful for what we have and stop worrying about what we don’t have.”