The Longhorn Entertainment Complex had “half pint” entertainment this past Saturday night as midget wrestling came to the stage.

The Half Pint Brawlers is a group of midget wrestlers that have been performing around the country for 10 years.

Puppet is the “Boss” and the one who started the Brawlers in Chicago and does the bookings. The show they give is well worth the money. It is entertaining from the start to the finish.

The group is comprised of four wrestlers with the stage names of Beautiful Bobby Dean; Little Kado, who has 21 years experience; Madd Mexx, the Immigration Sensation, and the leader of the group, Puppet the Psycho Dwarf.

The Brawlers put on about 150 shows per year, at times as many as five per week.
“We do have to take a little time off to let our bodies build back up,” said Madd Mexx.
The group travels a lot. The night before the Longhorn show, the wrestlers were in Baton Rouge. Two days after the Longhorn, they were at Lake Tahoe. Most of the time, they fly from show to show unless they are in a reasonable driving distance, then they rent a car. They have two performances booked in Canada.

Fans everywhere love the show. Puppet opens with a ribald stand up comedy routine. He involves the audience and is enthusiastic as he drives the crowd to frenzy with his almost X-rated use of an audience member, usually an attractive female.

After the comedy routine, there is a break in action to give the audience a chance to go, as Puppet said, “Buy drinks. The more you drink the better we look.”

When the action resumes, a match combines comedy with action. On Saturday night, the match put Little Kado and Beautiful Bobby Dean head to head on the mat. The match was “refereed” by Spider, the only full size member of the group. Spider serves as announcer and foil for the comedy of the match.

After another break the action resumed with the “Hardcore Staple Gun Death Match.” Puppet was on the mat with Madd Mexx. The action was fierce and fast and involved the creative use of the staple gun. This is something not seen in the WWF matches, and for good reason. Madd Mexx and Puppet showed speed and agility. The action at times went out of the ring and into the crowd on the floor around the ring. It was fierce competition at its finest and the crowd loved it.

Another break for drinks, and the show resumed with “Drunken Midget Limbo.” It was as crazy as it sounds and defies description. Several games involved daring audience members. Once again some of the action could have been rated “for adults only.” When it was all over the audience had been entertained for nearly three hours.
The combination of the Longhorn and the Half Pint Brawlers was a good night of entertainment of a type not usually seen in the area. The schedule of events at the Longhorn is always worthy consideration for a night out.

Next on the schedule is “A Night at the Fights” when the MMA comes to the Longhorn. This fight venue will bring out four local fighters, Jeremy Christensen from Vidor, William “The Gator Wrestler” from Beaumont, Matt “Hit Man” Bodden from Nederland, and Jason “The Beast” Freeman from Orange. Tickets are on sale for the April 19 event.