Boy, what a week it’s been since I last sat here. The Life’s Highway column on the death of A.J. Judice brought a ton of response, read on our website around the globe. We heard from many former residents of this area and also response locally was terrific. We even heard from our friend, former Leader publisher Craig Stark, who wrote, “Roy, I really enjoyed your piece on A.J. Thoughtful and well written, it did you proud.” He could have quit there but he added, “P.S. Hard to believe that dapper fellow in the photo is you.”*****Three new lawmen were elected to become the law west of the Sabine and east of the Neches. Keith Merritt won 33 of the 34 boxes, losing one by less than 10 votes. He received nearly seven out of every 10 votes cast. It’s obvious people were ready for a change. To know Keith is to like him. He must have met a lot of folks. He’ll be a great sheriff and is very prepared. *****The surprise race was for Pct. 2 Constable. Most folks would have bet that Yank Peveto would have won it. He led by 500 votes in the primary. Rob Strause did what I had never seen done before in a race that didn’t have an incumbent involved. Usually, less than half of the voters return to the polls in the runoff, yet Rob got over 300 more votes the second time around. He received 1,000, and then raised it to 1,333. Yank worked hard and would have been a good constable. What I’ve heard since the election is how likable Rob is one-on-one, so like Keith, he must have met a lot of folks and left no stone unturned. Two good candidates ran for constable in Pct. 1. Chris Humble, who couldn’t seem to get his picture in our paper, beat out Sarah Jefferson-Simon who ran a good race. (Honest Chris, nothing personal, it just worked out that way. Maybe it was a good thing; you got elected by not showing your mug. Just kidding, Chris.) I said in the beginning of the campaign that the whole crop of candidates were the best we’ve had in years. *****Before I get going, let me comment on something that irks us here at the Creaux’s Nest. If we say something like there were 20 of our boys killed in Iraq last week, which there were, or we say a 15-month tour is too long to ask a youngster to serve in a war zone, etc, we will hear from some Right Wing nut accusing us of being unpatriotic, Left-Wing Liberals are even worse. Let me let all of you kooks in on something. In this office there are five regular employees. Three of those five parents have boys in Iraq, plus Roy has a grandson there. I don’t believe any office anywhere meets those kinds of percentages; so don’t talk to us about patriotism. Chances are the nuts have never sacrificed in any way for this country. In their warped minds they are the only ones right. Yes, they are extremely ‘Far-Right.’ Educated idiots or just plain dumb, heartless folks, are what’s wrong with society. White had one in his camp that cost him a lot of votes but in the nut’s mind, he thought he was helping.*****Well, got it off my chest. Better move on. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

We were saddened to learn about the death of Olivia Mobley, 83, who passed away on Friday, April 11. Some of our staff here at The Record, Debbie, Mark, Roy and others had known Mrs. Mobley for 35-years. Her daughter, Sandi Huckabay, worked with them on the staff of the OVN as a high school student and was like family from then on. She lost her dad, Capt. Lewis Mobley and brother Ken Fontenot many years ago. To daughters Pam Dupree and her family, Sandi’s family, sisters, Hilda and Marian, two brothers Junior and Percy Benoit, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, we extend our sincere condolences. Services were held Monday, April 14 in Groves. Please see obits for more information.

30 Years Ago-1978
Rev. C.W. Holt is pastor of West Orange Assembly of God Church. He is a good promoter for the faith. His slogan is “A going church for a coming Christ.” The church is located at 1301 Irving St. Music, music, music, anointed, inspiring, positively uplifting. Pastor Holt always has a faith-building message. See him on T.V. station KJAC, Channel 4 each Sunday, 9:30 a.m.*****Gary Gauthier turned 20 years old last week. Mark Fisette reached his 18th and Charlotte Bittle turned 17. (Editor’s note: There is nothing like youth. Can you believe 30 years have flown by?)*****A few of the Wranglers C.B. Club are ‘Lovely Lady,’ ‘Cotton Eye,’ ‘Spark Plug,’ ‘Lady Window Buster,’ ‘Texas Lady’ and ‘Lady Porky Pig.’*****The Opportunity Valley News editor Sheila Beeson received three awards from the Texas Press Women. Top winner for Sheila was her story, ‘Angel Dust, Tea, Sprinkled in County.”*****Jo Amodeo celebrates a birthday this week. *****The AAU National Boxing tournament in Biloxi, Mississippi, has two Orange Countians competing. Nathan Bendy, 106 pounds from Bridge City, and Gene Shaffer, fighting in the 125 pound class from Orange. The finals will be televised on ABC Wide World of Sports. *****Houston Baker is now operating Cody’s Chrysler-Plymouth on MacArthur Dr. (Editor’s note: Houston passed away a few years ago but what became of the Plymouth? I once owned a Fury. Sharp and fast as a jet and looked like one with its fins.)*****Pam Hoosier turns 18 years old this week. *****Karen Ratcliff wins an Office Hound T-shirt in Kresge contest. *****The new telephone system is in operation at the County Court House. *****Congrats to a team from Bridge City High who took overall third place in Lamar’s first computer programming competition. The students are David Dutchman, Lynn Matthews and Ted Spurlock, all juniors, Mike Trevathan, senior. (Editor’s note: That was the first computer competition held but I didn’t realize computers have been around for over 30 years. Seems to me the mad craze got here yesterday.)

I understand Van’s new ‘Hush Puppy II’ on 16th Street has really taken off. We have heard nothing but compliments about the large shrimp Po-Boys but David tells me don’t fail to try the New Orleans crawfish or shrimp pistolettes, made with Gambino special New Orleans bread. Here’s some more good news, Felix and Karen Anderson are opening the establishment. He’s one of Ms. Anabel Anderson’s boys. He is named after her father, Felix DeMary, one of the colorful characters of the past. I understand it won’t be long before a ‘Hush Puppy’ will be arriving in Bridge City. Can’t wait to have one near. *****Next Friday, April 18, Neal’s Cheesy Company will have a jewelry, gift and accessories showing at the Orange County Administration building, in the Commissioner’s Court Room from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Neal Menard invites you to come by and visit. He’s a great guy and also is Judge Janice’s boy. If you can come by, do it. *****Twenty-six-year-old Texan Crystle Stewart, from Fort Bend County, is the new Miss USA. She beat out 50 contestants. I would have voted for her even if I had to judge her just from the rear.*****Last Friday, a celebration honoring the late Charlie Wickersham was held at the Brown Center. Invited guest attended from around the country. Besides daughters Jean and Liz, the list of guest was very impressive. CEOs, heads of worldwide banks, etc. Even lifelong friend Hubert Spradling attended without his llama. He made a long, soft speech.*****Congrats to Ruth Wallace of Bridge City who was honored by the Hospice ‘Heart Beat’ for her indirect volunteer work on behalf of Hospice.*****Speaking of Hospice, happy birthday April 17 to Remee Sauers Droddy and best wishes to her and new hubby Bryan.*****We understand Zora Hebert Hanks, 93, the mother of Rene Hanks, the mayor of Starks, is really in poor health and her days are numbered. Our prayers to her and the family.*****Our apologies to Cal. We listed Broussard’s age as 71 and he just turned 70. He says that’s bad enough.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a great gathering last week. Judge Rodney Price brought his office staff. Tammy gave the ‘Bunch’ that great service she is noted for at Tuffy’s. This week, the Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s. I understand the new sheriff-to-be and the newly-elected constables will be in attendance. Everybody welcome, 12 noon.*****Don’t forget to attend the big Mauriceville Crawfish Festival. Thanks to all the great folks who are helping to promote it.*****By the way, for a good evening of entertainment and rock music you don’t want to miss ‘Element Eighty and Icura Crane’ at the El Dorado Night Club, 6035 MLK Parkway in Beaumont, Friday night 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., only $15. I’m told this group is very good and draws big crowds.*****The best presidential debate of the year should be Wednesday 7 p.m. on ABC. It’s sure to get extra lively between Barack and Hillary. She has him against the ropes right now despite the fact that he is leading.*****The ‘Record Live’ is beginning a project to bring information about local youth in the armed services from the war zone on a regular basis. If you have any questions about the project or have a service person to submit, email us at*****Rodney Townsend, R&D Quality Construction, is having an open house next Sunday at Acadian Quarters located on Box Street off of Roundbunch in Bridge City. Rodney is not only a nice, honest guy but he builds nothing but quality homes. Bridge City is a hot spot right now for a lot of reasons, schools, etc. This Energy Star home is ready for occupancy. Come take a look. Phone 735-6926 for information.*****Congrats to Ramona Hanks of Bridge City voted Acadian’s EMT of the Year. Ramona, a great gal, is also a volunteer Bridge City fire fighter.

Debbie Aarons, Jaclyn Eickenhorst, Judy Pittman, Kirby Cruse, Lillian Mercer, Marie Duett, Quentin Billeaud, Betty Foreman, Jane Istre, Jessica Christiansen, Kaylie Byrd, Mildred Hatton, Natalie Miller, Rachel Fowler, Ronnie Haymon, Shelby Bickham, Shelby Sellers, Steve Evans, Whitney Anderson, Cheryl Puntes, Matthew Franklin, Megan Waguespack, Cheryl Patterson, Emily Gilson, John Fuss, Maurelle McDonald, Ryan Ferguson, Beverly Raymer, Bill Nickum, Donna Wiegreffe, Emory Webb, Ken Brown, Becky Atkins, Belinda Norman, Benjamin Ezell, Bonnie Short, Courtney Williams, Dana Hill, James Corley, Christian Dubose, Marshall Myers, Scott Fisher, Allison Rendall, Amelia Hollier, Brandon Fisher, Glen Prince, Jason Smalley, Linda Robinson, Nancy Rendall, Paul Zoch, Samantha Briggs, Jeremie Breaux, Kathie Stephson, Barbara Fuselier, Crystal McCarthy, Darby Byrd, Glenn Jeter, Jeff Fisette, Louise Savoy, Marriet Litton, Roberto Deleon, Bro. James Gilbert, James Gilbert, Julie Williams, Luke Domas, Stephen Russell, Christi Goodyear, Donna Lee, Gus Harris, John Applebach, Mike Cain, Rosalyn Hollingsworth and Tim Batchelor.

Joe and Clotile Comeaux had been having problems wit dere marriage. Clotile her, decided dat after 22 years she had enough and wanted out. She accompanied Joe to da bank to witdraw and split da money from dere checking and saving account.
While in line waiting to see da teller, a man at da front of da line drew a pistol and robbed Lula da teller. When she reached to press da red button, da robber shot her. Den he turned to Clovis Dartez, lined up behind him and axe, “Did you see what I did?”
Clovis answer, “Sho did.” So da robber shot him too.
Den he axe Joe Comeaux, “Did you see wat I did?”
Joe answer, “No, I don’t se nutten me, but my wife Clotile did.”

Thank you to all the folks who have been telling our advertisers that we sent you. Three customers even brought our newspaper into Harmon Chevrolet. Corky said two of them bought new vehicles, trucks I believe. With your help by patronizing our family of advertisers we can keep bringing you this paper free. We also can best afford to keep making improvements. We are still without an editor and could use some free-lance writers to cover some human-interest stories. To all of you folks reading us on the web worldwide, let us hear from you. Keep those emails coming. We like to hear where you’re reading our newspaper from. Also, you local folks, let us know what you like about the paper and any suggestions you might have for improvement. I’ve got to cut out early. Thanks for your time, mine is up. Take care and God bless our troops.