The Record Newspapers’ online version is becoming popular in more than just the Orange County area. The gives people who have moved away from the area a means to re-connect and keep up-to-date with what’s going on back home.

Vicky Stanley, who is now residing in California, dropped us an e-mail.

“Thanks for having the Penny Record online,” she wrote. “I appreciate the great coverage you do for the students in the local schools and their accomplishments. Our sons (Colin and Kelly) graduated from Bridge City High School in 2003 and 2006; I was a substitute teacher and volunteer in the school district so I still know some of the students.”

Vicky and her husband, Steve, left Bridge City when he was sent on a temporary assignment to Venezuela for one of the Port Arthur refineries. They have since relocated to California on another temporary assignment. Steve is working on the design for an expansion at the Port Arthur plant. 

Once that work is completed, they will return home to begin the construction phase of the project. 

“We still have our house in Bridge City, and come back every three or four months to check on it and see our friends. Our oldest son is living in our house and taking care of it for us while he works and goes to Lamar University.

Catching up on her sons’ photo albums and quilting are some of the things she does to occupy her time. She is also taking a Beth Moore Bible Study, attending church and participating in Bible study covering ‘Luke’ and ‘Genesis’.

A lot of time is spent entertaining company. “Everyone wants to come see us here. We have had 38 guests so far,” she said.

Sailing is her favorite past time in California along with sight-seeing.

What she misses most from home are, “my sons, our friends, our church and seafood.” 

It thrilled her to find “I just typed in ‘Penny Record’ and it came up. I can keep up with what is going on back home by reading your paper.”

The Record is happy to oblige and would like to thank all of our very fast growing “extended family” of online readers. 

If you haven’t yet, log on now.

About Penny LeLeux

Penny has worked at The Record Newspapers since 2006. A member of the editorial staff, she has "done everything but print it." Most frequently she writes entertainment reviews and human interest stories, with a little paranormal thrown in from time to time.She has been a lifelong member of the Orangefield community.