Ramona Hanks, an Intermediate Level Emergency Medical Technician, has been selected the “EMT of the Year” for Southeast Texas. Hanks is employed by Acadian Ambulance Service and lives in Bridge City.

Acadian Ambulance Service is the largest privately-owned rural ambulance service in the U. S. and employs 2,385 people. The Southeast Texas area covers Orange and Jefferson counties.

Each year, employees are nominated by company personnel for the prestigious EMT of the Year Award. To receive the award and employee has to show outstanding service as an EMT.

Hanks has been an EMT for seven years but has only been an Acadian Employee for one year. In that time, she has shown dedication to her profession and a great ability to perform under what is at times high-stress situations.

Hanks works on a critical care ambulance from the Groves station with a paramedic. The team deals with heart attacks, strokes, and many other types of medical emergencies.

“Acadian is a very good company to work for. They have good equipment and always keep ambulances in reserve to use when there are breakdowns. The employees are also trained and perform very well,” Hanks said.

In addition to her full time duties as an EMT on the ambulance, Hanks volunteers with the Bridge City Volunteer Fire Department. She works as a firefighter and also puts her medical skills into use when the situations call for them to be used.

Becoming a member of the fire department required Hanks to serve a six-month probationary period. During this time she was not allowed to respond to medical emergencies. She could, however, fight brush fires and house fires and any other type of fire and could respond to traffic accidents when the need arose. This past February she became a full member of the Bridge City Volunteer Fire Department.

“I do what I do because I love my job and God gave me a gift to help people in need,” Hanks said.

Helping people seems to be a large part of Hank’s life. She has been a surrogate parent to her niece and nephew since they were six months old. They are now in their early 20’s.

Hanks is also involved with the Girls in Action program at her church, Winfree Baptist.