Secondary students who earn Superintendent’s Honor Roll distinction in the West Orange – Cove school system are recognized for their achievement with a special luncheon.

The students are invited to have lunch with the District Superintendent at the Administration Building.

“I am most happy to honor students who make all As on their report cards. I was impressed with the tremendous numbers of students at the high school and middle school who achieved this impressive honor,” Dr. O. Taylor Collins, Superintendent, said.

More than 75 students have participated.

            The groups are welcomed personally, and then enjoy pizza; followed by a discussion of education related issues.

            The Superintendent’s lunches were implemented this semester.

            West Orange – Cove students can earn recognition to any of three separate honor rolls.

            Collins said, “The Trustees wisely established a three tiered honors system. The Superintendent’s List honors students who earn all As in their coursework; the Principal’s List honors students who earn a majority of As with no more than two Bs; and the Honor Roll with any combinations of As and Bs.”