The Record Live has begun a project to bring information about local young men and women in the armed services from the war zone on a regular basis.

We are requesting that military families in our reading area email us with the name, unit, and location (Basically the mailing address) of any local men and women who are in today’s “hot spots.” With this information, we can request stories on specific people currently serving in the U. S. Armed forces and deployed in war zones.

Bear in mind, there is a significant delay due to security considerations as well as difficulty getting the information from the frontlines to a distribution point.

It is unknown when the first information will be sent to this office, but we would like to feed a steady stream of requests to the front so that when the stories and photos start to arrive we will be getting a steady stream of information.

If you have any questions about this project or have a service person to submit, email us at:, or

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