Community Christian School congratulates the achievement of the students at Math Olympics. Students first complete a qualifying process, then compete with other ACSI schools in a rigorous round of mathematical trials. Pictured are, front row: Cierra Cezar (Computation-Excellent), Arianna Alford (Computation-Excellent), Alayna Bergeron (Reasoning-Excellent), Tyler Bevlaqua (Computation-Good), Matthew Rainey (Reasoning-Excellent), James Pulliam (Computation-Excellent), Christion Sweeten (Reasoning-Excellent), Marcus Delarosa (Reasoning-Excellent), Nathan Rose (Reasoning-Excellent and the gold medal); mid row: Marissa Gray (Reasoning-Excellent), M’Kenzie Jones (Computation-Excellent), Nikkiah Pulliam (Computation-Good), Torren Allison (Computation-Good), Danielle Gyasi (Reasoning-Excellent), Justin Meaux (Excellent), Blake Dupre (Computation- Excellent), Rebecca Tibbitts (Reasoning-Excellent and the gold medal); back row: Blair Dupre (Computation-Excellent and the gold medal), Brittni James (Computation-Excellent and the gold medal), Dave Rainey (Computation-Excellent), Matthew McAfee (Reasoning-Excellent and the gold medal), Rachael Hunnicutt (Computation-Excellent), Aaron Rose (Reasoning-Superior and the gold medal). Not pictured: Lauren Jackson (Reasoning-Good). Great Job!

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