As the fourth round of the Ring of Fire Bull Riding Series began Friday night at the Longhorn, the series leader was Josh Barrentine with 22 points. Barrentine was out of the competition because of an injury so that left first place open.
In second place was Josh Durant with 15 points. Third was a tie between Johnny Minix and Landis Hooks with 14 points apiece. Fourth and fifth places were one point apart with Dawson McKee with 12 points and Casey stone with 11 points.
When the gate opened for the first ride of Round Four, the ride was almost over before it started. Amos Romero was bucked off hard and fast for a score of zero, no points, no money and a sore body the next morning.
Rider number two Jared Flores went off within the first two seconds and the third rider, Minix went out of his seat and was hung and slung.
Minix was slung free just as bullfighter Cody Chaisson moved in to try to help on the hang-up.
Josh Blackburn came out for the fourth ride and it looked like a replay of the last ride. Blackburn rolled out of position got hung and the bull made a few quick moves and Blackburn flopped around like a dirty rag in the wind. Thankfully it was over quick.
Casey Stone covered his bull for 70 pints in the fifth ride. Stone looked good, kept good control and made the buzzer. It was nice to see the bullrider hit the dirt when he wanted to instead of when he was forced to.
Rider number six was McKee; he, too, managed to stay aboard and hear the buzzer. Judges Jimmy Ray Sullivan and Joe Blackburn liked the ride and gave McKee 66 points.
The other riders of the night came out of the chutes and went to the dirt fast and in various and sometimes embarrassing body positions. Shane Young’s bulls clearly had the upper hand for the rest of the night as they blew out of the chutes, hit a few pile drivers with the front legs and twisted and spun their bodies and put the “boys in the dirt.”
Other than the two covered rides the best moves of the night were made by the bulls and the bullfighters, Chaisson and Clint Stone.
For the series final on May 16, David Self Ford in Orange and Winnie is sponsoring the “Bounty Bull” for $1,000. This is a bull from SYJ Productions that is unridden. It will take some hard riding for one of these bull riders to win that money. Also at stake on May 16 is the $500 buckle that is a one of a kind. Bullriders have the chance of going home with money or a belt buckle, or both.
As the Friday night ended, the lead for the series had changed to a tie between McKee and Stone for first place. With two more sessions to go and the points close among the riders, the lead can change again.
The next session will be Friday May 2. Friday night is ladies night with dollar beer all night.
On May 9 Molly Hatchet will be appearing for one performance with Amiee Breaux and Southwind opening the show. Tickets are on sale at the Longhorn.

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