Time is on a fast track. I can hardly believe another year and another anniversary have rolled up on us. I believe this is number 48. The crew has put together another collector’s edition. I can’t say enough about the good work they do. Our Record Newspapers, Penny Record and County Record, are always the best looking in the area. The writers and staff, week in and week out, produce interesting, quality papers. The good folks in circulation make every effort to deliver the paper absolutely free to your door weekly, plus over 4,000 papers are picked up at 100 or so locations in South East Texas and also Louisiana. The response from our readers is overwhelming. Over the past year our website has grown way passed expectations. The staff maintains it 24-7, and does a great job. We are hearing from people around the world. In this week’s issue we are featuring some historical stories as well as current events and human interest stories about our hometown folks. *****The crop here at the ‘Bucket Farm’ is looking good. There are a lot of flowers on the cucumbers but no bees to pollinate them. The tomatoes and peppers are doing good and if the bugs and weather don’t get them, we should yield a good crop. Neighbor Cox checks us out to make sure we are not neglecting anything, water etc.*****It’s with a sad note that I embark on this week’s column. Robert Vail just called to tell us Sue Bailey, age 85, died during the night. She had been a friend of many years. She was the foremost authority on Sabine Lake and an expert on nature. It is hard to imagine this community on Lake Sabine without its queen. She spent a lifetime promoting the Audubon Society and life on the lake. She was a beautiful, kind lady who was loved by everyone who knew her. The world lost a great one. Services are at 2 p.m., Thursday, May 1 at Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City. ***** I’ve got to move on, please come along; it won’t do you no harm.
The Record Newspaper’s annual ‘Person of the Year’ recognition goes to a person in each of our markets. The County Record, which serves the greater Orange area, has selected Sam Kittrell, Orange Police Chief, for his many years of dedicated service to law enforcement as well as his service to the betterment of the city of Orange.
The Penny Record, the community paper of the Bridge City/Orangefield area, has selected BCISD Assistant Superintendent Joe Chenella for his many years of service to the District and his dedication toward education. Over the years he has worn many hats. He has always carried out his duties, putting principle first in every decision, no matter the consequences. We proudly honor these two gentlemen as our ‘Persons of the Year.’ The selections were made without their knowledge until this publication.
We were sorry to hear about the passing of Ray Herman, 84, who died April 25. Services were held April 29. Ray was a good man who faced many tragedies but he rolled with the punches. No man had a stronger work ethic and he was liked by everyone who knew him. Please see the obits for a brief story of his life.
Rachel Smith, 81, died April 27, service held Wednesday, 10 a.m. at Second Baptist Church in Bridge City. Rachel and husband, Heubert ‘Snuffy’ Smith, came from Union, Mississippi, many years ago. They were devoted to the community, church and family. To sons John, Kenneth and Grady and their families, we extend our deepest sympathies. Longtime friends of ‘Snuffy’ and Rachel, Bill Kilhnl, Tom Brooks, Jerry Chesson, L.K. Jarrell, Bob Moore and Joe Elam served as pallbearers. *****Our condolences also to the family of John ‘Cres’ Creswell, 91, who passed away April 26. Service was held Wednesday April 30 at St. Henry Catholic Church in Bridge City. A native of Abbeville, Louisiana, ‘Cres’ worked for the Starks for over 50 years. He was a good man. May he rest in peace.
Bridge City Cardinal Corey Smith for qualifying for state at the regional, taking silver in the 800-meter run with a time of 1:59.29. Also bouquets to WOS quartet Josh Gloston, James Haynes, Trey Franks and Seth Thomas who are headed to the state meet in both the 400-meter and 800-meter relay, taking the gold in the 800 and the silver in the 400. Bridge City Tim Cude took the bronze in both the 3200-meter and 1600-meter run and just missed qualifying for state by an eyelash. Vidor’s Jared Parker won the pole-vault in 4-A with a vault of 15.0 feet.
We first met Dorothy and Lee Brown in 1964 as members of the Orange Optimist Club. On May 10, they will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Many years ago Lee and Dot established Brown Hearing Aid Centers in Orange. Over the years they spread their business to several states. Many times I have stopped at restaurants and locations far away from home and seen brochures from Brown’s Hearing Aids, manufactured right here in Orange. We wish our longtime friends good health and many more happy years. They are one of the finest Christian couples we know. They also have raised a great family. Watch next week’s paper for more.
The Frank H. Wallace Lions Eye Bank of Texas Golf Scramble will be held Saturday, May 3, at the Dupont Employee Recreation Association (DERA), 2601 Irving St. in Orange. All proceeds benefit the Lions Eye Bank of Texas and its mission of sight restoration. Shotgun Start at 8 a.m., Hole-in-One prize of vehicle from Harmon Chevrolet, many other prizes for various contests including green fees for four at Port Groves Golf Club, gift cards, golf balls, D.E.R.A. Pro-Shop. Team Sponsor $450, Player Sponsor $125. For more information contact Stump Weatherford at 409-313-0827 or Randal Morris at 409-745-3788.
30 Years Ago-1978
James D. Stringer is running against county judge Pete Runnels. In one newspaper advertisement Stringer says, “Spend! Spend! My opponent has spent $7,450 on his own campaign. It seems to me he’s spending his campaign money just like he does your tax dollar.” Judge Runnels responded with an ad saying, “All you have heard from my opponent is cheap criticism. Have you heard one idea from him? No. Have you heard what his goals are? No.” (Editor’s note: What was a lot of money, $7,450 spent on a county race then is a drop in the bucket today. To run a county race takes a minimum of $30,000. Today, James and Pete, two former county judges, are good friends. Professional politicians don’t hold grudges.)*****Distributive Education Club chose Bobby Smitherman of P.S. Tire Supply in Bridge City, ‘Boss of the Year’. Jerry Vincent who works for Ritchie Air Condition is ‘Employee of the Year.’****Jerry and Bobbie Pesson celebrate the first anniversary of Bridge City Recreation Vehicles. *****Father Frank Schanzer is being transferred from St. Henry Catholic Church. A special reception will be held May 27. A dance will follow with music provided by Doug Childress and Stampede. *****The authorized Honda dealer in Orange is Triple L Honda, 1520 Strickland. Store manager is Dennis Lee, shop manager Ronnie Lee, sales and parts man Butch English. *****Hare’s Feed and Grain is located on Tulane road. *****Novella and Wayne Choate are owners of Way-No’s Lounge, located at 2890 Texas Ave. in Bridge City. (Editor’s note: No time to tell it but there is an interesting story here. Husband Wayne, after they broke up, kept the lounge they owned together called ‘Way-No’s.’ Novella opened a lounge in competition across the highway called ‘No-Way’s.’ Novella was quite a gal. She died a few years ago from cancer. She and Wayne remained friends through it all. He still lives in Bridge City and so do some of the kids.)*****Sherry Herman is now associated with Keble’s Kuttery in Northway Shopping Center. She is a Unisex stylist. *****Bill Kendig owns Circle Gulf Service Station, full service plus most auto repairs. *****Spector Wrecking and Salvage Company has served the area for 60 years. Murray, Sammie and Toby Spector are owners. (Editor’s note: I believe Toby may be the only brother left.)*****Allen Mott owns Mott’s Gulf Service, 1923 Western Ave. *****Gary Savoy is a new car salesman at Harmon Chevrolet, 3rd and Green. (Editor’s note: After having several occupations in the past 30 years, Gary has retired, grew a big beard and is moving to East Texas.)*****Office Hound Tee Shirts are on sale this week for $2.99 at Kresge’s. Three colors, all sizes. *****One Hour Park Avenue Cleaners offers alterations by seamstress with tailoring experience. Owners are Earl and Betty Drake, manager is Steve Drake. *****Editor: And so it was the last week of April 30 years ago-1978.
 ‘The Home Place,’ home of Gisela Houseman, was a beautiful setting for a wild game dinner Saturday evening, April 26, hosted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Game Wardens. An experienced cooking team of Game Wardens presented a menu of wild game ranging from squirrel and dumplings to elk and several varieties of game in between. Gisela furnished full service with a host of tuxedo-clad personnel. The hundred invited guests, casually dressed, ate wild game from china plates and good silverware. Tony Houseman, who passed away August 3, 2007, was a sportsman and hunter and an avid supporter of Game Wardens, was remembered for his love of wildlife. The many thousands of flowers he planted were in full bloom. Gisela purchased all the game that the Wardens used as a fundraiser. Tony would have been proud of his wife’s efforts, the beautiful outcome and the great friends who attended. *****Darryl and Greta Brinson are proud parents. Their 17-year-old son Eric Kelly Brinson has completed the Texas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities. A Texas program that allows special students to receive two years of college and their high school diploma at the same time. Eric attended Lamar and lived on campus at age 15. Commencement exercises will be held May 2. Eric, at age 17, will enter the University of North Texas after a summer stay in Germany along with his brother Shawn and their aunt. Shawn is on the McNeese track team. *****Celebrity birthdays this week, Willie Nelson 75 on April 30, Tim McGraw, 41, May 1. *****The farmer’s friend, Gus Harris, turned a year older on April 27. *****Janice Gooch and Mike Reynolds both get older on April 30. *****Former county commissioner and longtime friend Don Cole marked his 82nd birthday April 29. Don will do to ride the range with. Our best wishes. *****Special happy birthday to Megan Cornwell, May 2, John Cecil Beeson, May 5, Lindsey Dardeau, May 6, and Jessica Hughes, May 7. *****Happy anniversary to Kathy and Barry McKenzie on May 1 and Barbara and Gary Mulhollan on May 2. ***** Early voting is now in progress in the very important Orange City elections Wednesday through Friday and May 5, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., May 6, 8 am to 8 p.m. Voting is at Orange Public Library, 220 N. Fifth St. Orange has many good things on the burner. Along with the Stark Foundation’s help, the city has and is making a lot of progress. Great days lay ahead. Years ago, Orange was identified as the ‘Jewel of the Gulf Coast,’ Today it is really starting to shine brightly. It didn’t just happen on its own, someone drove the wagon. *****Pat and H.D. Pate ventured to the historic Cajun town of Abbeville over the weekend. It was their first time. They visited Mary Magdalene Church, which will be 100 years old next year. It is the fourth Catholic Church on the high knoll. Others burnt down or storms got them. They found the food great and saw many tourists. An enjoyable, impressive trip they say. Roy writes this week in his Life’s Highway column about his upbringing and the famous church.
Percy ‘Teenot’ Cormier, Walter Fontenot and Henry ‘Paw’ Jagneaux were sitting on the bench in front of Thibodeaux’s drug story in Mamou. Da tree old mens were talking bout da aches and pains, body functions and da utta problem wat comes wit old age. Cormier, wat is 70 yers old him, says, “I have dis problem me, I wake up every morning bout 7 a.m. and it takes me 15 minutes to finally pee.”
Fontenot, wat is 80, says, “Yea, dis old age ain’t no good. My case is worse, I get up at 8 a.m. and I sit and sit dere and grunt and goan for near one hour before I finally have a bosel movement me.”
‘Paw’ Jagneaux, wat is 92 him, says, “At around 7 a.m. I pee like a horse me, at about 8 a.m. I dump like a cow.”
‘Teenot’ and Walter axe, “Well ‘Paw,’ so wat is your problem hanh?
‘Paw’ drops his head and says, “Well me, I don’t wake up until 9 o’clock.
For those of you who will be reading this 25 or 30 years from now, we are in the mist of the most historical presidential elections in our history. Sen. John McCain, the oldest man to seek the office, is the Republican nominee. Once considered a maverick and a good candidate in 2000 and 2004, he has sold out to the Right Wing who has brought us the war in Iraq, the largest deficit ever, gas prices that have tripled and the economy in shambles and the country in a recession. The invasion and occupancy of Iraq was by design and has led to high gas prices and the largest oil profits in history. On the Democratic side, a woman, for the first time, is a serious contender. Former First Lady, Sen. Hillary Clinton, wife of former President Bill Clinton, is the only centrist in the race. She’s tough, well qualified, a fighter who would be one of our best presidents ever. She is running behind Barack Obama, the first supposedly black candidate. He’s really not black, a white mother and African father, raised by white grandparents in Hawaii. He and his folks never lived the life of the American black or fought the many injustices they endured.  The 24-hour news media made him a rock star, voters bought into it, blacks vote 92-percent for him, youngsters under 30 support him. He has a lot of skeletons that are now coming out, maybe too late to help Clinton. Like President George W. Bush, someone put the organization together and picked him for their front man. After just one year in the United States Senate, he came up with a national organization that some hidden force put together. I’m not buying it. If you are reading this year’s down the road, you will know how that worked out. I’m betting not good if the lady doesn’t get it. The first woman president of the U.S. will be a long time down the road, maybe 100 years, if she doesn’t win the nomination.*****I’m really anxious to read this weeks issue. I understand we have great stories and columns. Dickie’s column is on LSU Freshman Johnny Dishon, who we watched play high school baseball just last year. Many other stories also. Read us cover to cover. Thanks for making us the number one read paper. Thanks also for your loyalty year after year. Gotta go. Take care and God bless.

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