OrangeCounty first responders found both bodies from two separate drowning incidents last night.
The first drowning victim was a 15-year-old boy and occurred at the Lakeview Sandbar in Vidor around 1:30 p.m., Saturday.
Three teenagers were swimming in the NechesRiver and were swept away in a strong current. Two of the boys were able to swim to safety, but the third was not able to get free from the current. He did not resurface after going under.
The second drowning victim, a 14 year old male reportedly did not surface after jumping from a bridge in West Orange on Western Avenue. The boy, with two male companions jumped off the bridge into Adam’s Bayou and had intended to swim to a nearby dock. Two of the boys surfaced but the other boy never came up.

Area fire and rescue were dispatched around
6:45. Rescue personnel were in the water within 15 minutes with a Bridge City Fire and Rescue diver on standby.

Officers questioned the two jumpers, along with the rest of the group of teenagers, to pinpoint the location of where the youth had entered the water. Witnesses stated that the youth had been under around 30 minutes which would put the accident at
6:30 p.m.
Boats were in the water within an hour of the incident and a call was made for all available manpower.

The boy’s grandmother was at the scene during the search.

Lights and generators were set up to continue the searches after dark.
Both bodies were located during the night.
The names of the boys from both accidents have not been released.

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