Our weather is like corn flakes without milk. For the first time in many years, this spring is more like spring is suppose to be. Warm weather, cool weather, the exception being no April showers. In fact, here at the Creaux’s Nest we received only about a half-inch shower in seven weeks. We missed a good chance last Saturday but we also dodged the horrible killer tornado weather that roared north of us into Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee and other states. *****By the way, we visited with Paul and Glenda Dyer by phone yesterday. The bad weather dodged their place and they are having a great spring in the valley where they live, just out of Nashville. Their home is 200 years old and because of being surrounded with mountains, has never been hit by tornadoes. She and Paul will be in town later this month for the Orangefield graduation of their grandson. Glenda is writing for their community newspaper. *****Saturday May 10 is Election Day. There are some very important races that citizens should take seriously. What happens in city, school and drainage district races is that people who are satisfied that their leaders are doing a very good job take it for granted and “againsters” dominate the polls. It’s important that everyone vote. Otherwise, 10 percent or less of the registered voters make the decisions for all of us. Sometimes we don’t like the outcome. Participate or don’t complain. *****Well, I hear Rev. Leo on the radio, which means it’s time for me to go. Brother Anderson is on a roll this Sunday morning. Rev. does things differently, his Sunday service is at 2 p.m., not morning, plus he doesn’t have a Wednesday service, he has church on Tuesday evening. If you miss church at your place, you can catch a good service at Rev. Leo’s church. Gotta move on, come along; it won’t do you no harm.

Sunday, May 11, is Mother’s Day. If you are fortunate enough to still have your mother you are indeed blessed. You should be thankful and show it. You can never repay or replace her. If you have a mother-in-law, grandmother or aunt, let them know you appreciate them. Also, if you know of an elderly lady who doesn’t have anyone around, you can be an angel in their life by remembering them even if it’s just a phone call. Moms are special and they are really the glue that holds the world and our lives together. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, new and old, from all of us here at your community paper. We really care.

Orange has lost an icon May 4, 2008, with the death of Ms. Eunice Benckenstein, age 99. Her life’s work, service to others is unparallel. Over the years, I heard from those who knew her well that she was the most intelligent person they had ever known. I first met her 50 years ago and at age 50 she was one of the county’s most beautiful women. I saw her a few years ago and at age 90, she was still attractive. She married oilman C.H. Benckenstein and her classmate at Denton College Nelda Stark married Lutcher. The two women remained close and constant companions till Miss Nelda’s death. Those two women took a world of knowledge with them. Their stories would fill volumes. We will never know their likes again. Please see story and obit.

30 Years Ago-1978
Attorney General John Hill defeats Gov. Dolph Briscoe in the Democratic primary. Price Daniel Jr. made the decision not to spend money in the final 15 days, saving money for the general election against Jim Baker. That was a mistake, a heavy last minute push by Mark White led to Daniel’s defeat. His local supporters were in shock. *****County Judge Pete Runnels beat back a challenge made by James Stringer to win re-election by 1,502 votes. *****Newly appointed judge of the new 269th District Court Judge Don Burgess defeated Judge Grover Halliburton. *****Newly-elected County Court at Law Judge Pat Clark is in a good position for a good political future, according to political observers. Predictions are that he will end up with a district judgeship in the future. (Editor’s note: Judge Pat how’s that for predicting?)*****Bridge City Texaco, 1805 Texas Ave., is holding a three-day ‘Beer at Cost’ sale. Pabst, 12 pack, $2.55; Billy Beer, President’s Carter’s brother Billy’s beer, 6 pack, 99 cents; A case of Schlitz, $5.40; case of Miller, $6.36; Bud $6.15 case. *****Parked on Cow Bayou, near Keown Supply are some large, 18-wheel, pipe-hauling trucks. The sign on their doors reads “Dunn Brothers, Around the Nation It Must Be Dunn.” The company belongs to Opportunity Valley News publisher Roy Dunn’s uncles. They are the largest pipeline stringers in the country, with over 400 trucks doing business in every state. They strung the Alaska Pipeline. (Editor’s note: All the Dunns are dead now. The company was sold and is now out of business. The brothers didn’t have any children, just young, second wives, who took the sale money and ran.) *****The Third Annual International Gumbo Cook off was held at Orange Navy Base. Jim Stelly was chairman. ‘Parker’s Pride,’ Sheriff Ed Parker’s gumbo team, was the overall champion. *****Harmon brothers break ground for new Chevrolet dealership in the 2600 block of MacArthur Drive. Local mayors, leading area businessmen, area chambers of commerce members, along with General Motor’s officials, attended the affair. The Harmon brothers, Jackie, president, Carlton ‘Corky’, vice-president, and Don, secretary-treasurer, said the new building contains 34,000 sq. feet of interior space and permanent financing by Orange Bank. The Harmon boys are descendents of John Harmon, Orange County’s first white settler. They have been in the car business over 30 years but their family has been selling transportation for 100 years. They operated buggy sales and horses on Front Street. They invented and made the Harmon Saddle. (Editor’s note: One of those unique saddles can be viewed at the Harmon dealership.)*****Inez Hearn has undergone surgery and is being held prisoner in Doctor’s Hospital. ‘Nez’ will be fine; she’s as tough as a barrel of rattlesnakes and ornery as Uncle John’s mule. *****Jean Lapeyrolerie, 18 years old, this week became the youngest grand juror in Orange County history, maybe youngest in the state. She became a registered voter less than two months ago. The intelligent young lady is a Bridge City beauty.

The response to our last week’s anniversary issue brought great reviews from around the globe via our web site. We also hear from many local readers of The Penny Record and The County Record. No one disagreed with our choices for ‘Persons of the Year.’ Chief Sam Kittrell was praised through several emails. Most said his recognition was long over due. We heard from over a dozen former Bridge City students about the selection of Asst. Supernatant Joe Chenella. Most were students in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Some estimate that Joe saw as many as 10,000 students come through Bridge City High. I’m not sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me that Chenella knows the amount. Many students went on to become medical doctors, engineers, lawyers, college professionals, career soldiers, teachers, principals, etc. The entire paper continues to draw praise and extra copies are still being requested. *****Presidential Democratic primary held Tuesday in Indiana and North Carolina. Sen. Hillary Clinton can win Indiana but I don’t see how she even has a chance in N.C. Forty percent of all Democratic voters are black, that doesn’t leave Barack much ground to make up from youngsters, college kids and extreme liberals. He should win by 13 to 18 points. If he doesn’t, he has really lost the white folks. I believe 92 percent blacks, voting strictly skin color, adds to Obama’s problems by making him a black candidate. Pundants take issue with those who would wrest the nomination away from the first viable African American. They all say, “You can’t take this away from a strong, black candidate but they don’t say anything about denying the first woman candidate. They have done all they can over and over to take that chance away from her. They want to sweep her under the rug but she won’t go away. If the media wouldn’t have made him out to walk on water, he never would have gotten ahead of her. He’s manufactured, full of surprises in his closet. With Hillary, you know what you get. Don’t count her out yet. Super delegates will have to look at their hole card, who can get elected in November. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s, 12 noon. Constable Dee Aven has gone under ground lately or maybe it’s under cover. Also Judge Janice has been missing a couple of weeks. Maybe for the same reason. Judge Thibodeaux claims to have a legitimate excuse but some newly-elected officials don’t. As for Don Shockley, he can attend only when Judy gives him permission. Demo Chairman Mark Carter is due back this week. It should be a great outing. *****Some big events this week. Our longtime buddy Ray Cotton celebrates another birthday. He’s not over the hill but getting close to the top. We extend our best wishes for continued good health. *****Another event is that Ron and pretty Jean Moreau will celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary on May 10. I’ll need to get report from Jean if it really was a repeat of that 39 years ago action. *****Alice and Don Cole celebrate their 60th anniversary this week. Sixty-years, think about that. You talk about defying the odds. We wish this fine couple many more. We pray for good health. *****Congrats to Robert Ramirez and his business for being named ‘Small Business of the Year.’ Several people nominated Robert’s and this led to the Greater Orange Area Chamber recognizing him, his lovely wife and employees for this prestigious award that will be presented in Beaumont. *****Jockey Kent Desormeaux won his third Derby on top of ‘Big Brown’ who was named for UPS. Kent is a native of Maurice, Louisiana, between Abbeville and Lafayette, and cousin to the Bonin twins. He won in 1998 on ‘Real Quite’ and in 2000 on ‘Fusaichi Pegasus.’ In years past Kent also rode at Delta Downs in Vinton. *****If you plan to travel this summer or anytime here is something I discovered. Patsy Peck, an independent travel consultant, can put you on the right track and save you a lot of travel headaches. Call an expert at 670-6989. You’ll be glad you did. No trip too large or too small for Patsy to handle. *****What scares Corky most about retiring is not only that Betty would stack up the Honey-Do’s but also since she’s so much younger, she likes to travel and Corky likes his own bed. *****Sidney Poitier, quit school at age 12 to go to work to help the family, lived in poverty in a shack with no utilities. He just barely learned to read and write. He lived a fascinating life and reached the top by becoming one of the greatest actors of all time. He’s written a book, ‘Life Beyond Measure–Letters to my Great-Granddaughter.’ A great read for anyone who loves success stories. *****Friday Newspaperman Robert Hankin shut down his computer at the Enterprise and called it quits. He wrote, “Ten years of commuting to Texas, with soaring gas prices, caught up with me. (Robert lives in Lake Charles). Thanks to all the papers I worked with. I made a lot of good friends.” Robert is an award winning writer and a great columnist. His email address is ‘robert1961@live.com.’ He’ll show up in these pages from time to time. *****Celebrity birthdays: Tim Russert, 58 on May 7, Billy Joel, 59, May 9, and Bono, 48, on May 10. *****It’s hard to believe that 20 years have gone by since Sheriff James Wade resigned as sheriff after being indicted on conspiracy to manufacture drugs. (Editor’s note: He later was convicted and served nearly 18 years. Newton Johnson was appointed by commissioners to fill his term. Newton is now sheriff of Shelby County.)*****Joe Nick Patoski, from Wimberley, Texas, hometown of the former Sue Pate, has written a book (biography), named ‘Willie Nelson: An Epic Life.’ The boy from Abbott and his sister were raised by grandparents. I can’t wait to read it. *****The Internet has been great for people who don’t have a life. They play with the thing and imagine themselves experts. They hash and rehash. Just so much depth. Some of them really need to get a life.

Brandon Bond, Carolyn Bourque, Charles Slusher, Clint Vidrine, Glory Burke, Jessica Hughes, Joseph Chenella, Michael Psencik, Norma Cummings, Sherri Thompson, Caitlin Allen, Connie Angelle, Ginger Hogden, Julie Allensworth, Alan Bates, Arlon Fields, Doug Havens, Justin Dupuis, Kelly Brown, Ken Reeves, Mary Callahan, Trudy Blair, Anna Hughes, Dalton Gilliam, Gerald Taylor, Gordon Brown, Jacqueline McGee, James Rogers, Johnnie Mae McKuster, Katie Hubbard, Patricia Williamson, Preslea Thibodeaux, Sharon Woolley, Stacie Dryden, Stacie Teaff, Candace Miller, Chuck Williams, Pat Collins, Sarah Moreland, Scott Andes, Tami Vanderheiden, Sherry Walles, David Pitts, Jerry Hardee, Bridgett Bonneaux, Hazel Heckendorf, Imogene McKinney, Jamie Garcia, Kate Jackson, Kristie Hughes, Melanie Wilderson and Renee Price.

Tee-Moon Boudreaux was visiting his sister Shirley Marie, wat done moved to Kerrville. A Texas game warden was driving down the road when he came up on Tee-Moon carrying a wild turkey under his arm. Officer Lambert got out of his car and axe Tee-Moon, “Where did you get dat turkey?”
Tee-Moon replied, “Wat turkey?”
“Dat turkey you got dere under you arm,” said da Warden.
Tee-Moon him look down and said, “Well, lookee here, a turkey done roosted under my arm.”
Warden Lambert said, “Turkey season is closed in Texas. Now whatever you do to dat turkey, I gonna do to you. If you break his leg, I’m gonna break your leg. If you break his wing, I’ll break your arm. Whatever you do to dat turkey, I’ll do to you, so what are you gonna do with him?”
Tee-Moon tink bout dat a moment and den says, “I guess under da circumstance, I’ll just kiss his ass me, and let him go.”

I complained about no rain too quick. As I put the finish on this column a light, soft rain is falling. It may not be much but any amount is welcomed. *****Marlene Merritt, wife of incoming sheriff Keith Merritt, is out in his truck still trying to gather up political yard signs. She was trying to dodge the showers, makes for a bad hair day. She is such a nice lady. In fact, she and Keith both are very likable folks.*****Me and my buddy Joe are taking off early today for a short trip that we hope will net results. You never know until you make the pitch. For sure you can’t get results if you don’t pitch.*****When Judge Pat was a boy, he and his dad Junior did a lot of skinny dipping in East Texas waters. Well, Pat Jr. has four kids. The seven year old and one-year-old will take to water with their clothes on. However, things often repeat in the second generation, like twins for example. Their grandmother Rosalie is a twin and the babies are twins and nudists.*****I’ve gotta go, running late. I’ll see you on the next turn around. Don’t forget to vote. Do it intelligently. I thank you for your time. It’s important to me. Please shop our advertisers and read us cover to cover. Good stuff throughout. Don’t forget mom. Take care and God bless.