Over 325 West Orange – Stark High School students in grades nine through 12 were recognized at the WO-S Awards Day Program recently.

      “We are very proud to honor all of these outstanding students for their hard work and achievement. This recognition in front of the entire student body and faculty is an opportunity for our school family to applaud these students’ commitment to education and activities,” said WO-S High School Principal Mike Mason.

      Students were recognized for academic achievements, UIL participation, and honor roll accolades.  
 Some were recognized in multiple areas.

      Additionally (see photo), seniors Alyce Cox, Lauryn Windham, and Chase Adams were presented with special awards by WO-S High School Principal Mike Mason. 

      Chase Adams was recognized with the Citizenship and Outstanding Boy Awards. Lauryn Windham and Alyce Cox were recognized with Outstanding Girl Awards.

      The Principal’s Award was presented to Chase Adams, Lauryn Windham, and Colby Mitchell.