You can’t kill a Mockingbird, it’s against the law, it’s protected, and it’s the Texas state bird. However, I know a mama cat that would eat that sucker if she could ever get her paws on it. For a week, I’ve watched that bird torment the cat. The bird hides out in the Hackberry or up on the high wire and when the cat crosses the yard, here it comes, skydiving onto her head or her back. The only way to get away is the bushes. The bird has lots of patience, it will waste and entire day waiting for that particular cat. It doesn’t mess with the other two. While Tammy, Mark and I watched, a large turtle crossed the yard to go bury her eggs across the shell road in what used to be our park and soon will be an apartment complex. The cat followed that turtle. It would stop and not move when Mama cat was around. The mockingbird attacked the cat over and over. When the mockingbird attacked the cat, the turtle would scoot, traveling fast while the bird had the cat occupied. It’s a brave bird. It made an attempt to challenge me. I had a stick I had been mixing Miracle-Gro in a bucket with. The bird made a u-turn that saved its life. I was getting ready to have that state bird mounted and put on display. The cat came out of the bushes. I yelled, “Here it comes, here it comes.” Sure nuff, that bird popped her right behind the head, made a circle and I hollered again, “Here it comes.” Too late, it got her again before she made it to the bushes. Well, it’s another day and the mockingbird is sitting on the high wire, singing, calling the cat to come out and play. The cat stayed on the porch, shaking her head, “Not today.” An hour later she left to get a drink, thinking the coast was clear. Old sneaky bird got her again. Neighbor Cox came over and I told him the story and showed him the brave bird in the tree. Millard’s baldhead was exposed so he didn’t want to hang around. I’ve hung around long enough myself watching that bird. I best get to work. Come along it won’t do you no harm. “Here it comes, too late got her again.”
Memorial Day was designed to honor dead soldiers. Our writer Mike Louviere writes about soldiers of all wars buried in Evergreen Cemetery on Border Street. My top concern today is how we treat our returning soldiers. That’s what I believe is the measure of a government’s competence. One in five soldiers returning from Iraq suffer from major depression or post-traumatic stress. More than 300,000 have suffered traumatic brain injury.******Next Monday, we will honor our dead veterans but now, more than ever, those living, those serving, need us not to forget them. An unknown soldier wrote the following poetry that hits right at the core of the truth about man.
God and the soldier.
“God and the soldier, all men adore
In time of danger and not before,
When the danger is passed and all
Things righted, God is forgotten, and
The soldier slighted.”
Think about it.
30 Years Ago-1978
Beth and Louis Dugas ventured to Dallas over the weekend to hold their newborn grand baby while parents; son Clay and wife Nina, received their diplomas at University of Dallas. *****Tammy Sue Titus, the 8-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Titus of Bridge City, was crowned ‘Imperial Miss Golden Triangle’ in Beaumont. *****A 13 cent commemorative stamp honoring Jimmie Rogers will be issued May 24, marking his 81st birthday. The stamp bears the familiar pose of the ‘Father of Country Music.’ The singing brakeman was a native of Meridian, Mississippi. He was born James Charles Rodgers on Sept. 8, 1897. He made his last record May 24, 1933, and died two days later on May. 26. His mother died when he was 4-years-old of tuberculosis. He quit school at age 11 and became a water boy on the M&O. Most laborers were black, so Jimmie picked up elements of their music and they ‘learned’ him how to play the guitar and banjo. TB ended his life. His first Blue Yodel, ‘T for Texas’ sold a million copies. He sold over 20 million records during the Depression. *****Julie Jorgenson was installed as president of the Pilot Club. Other officers installed were Pat Garrett, first vice president; Betty Jo Hurtley, second vice president; Hester Perkins, secretary and Inez Goodman, treasurer. Anna Jean Caffey was installing officer. *****Pretty Connie Gunn Gray and Coach Gray are the proud parents of a baby girl born May 20. She weighed in at 10 pounds, 3 ounces.*****Last week Dayle and Buzzie Gunn celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary. Can you imagine how much advice she has had to listen to in those years? (Editor’s note: Buzz died a few years ago when he suffered a heart attack. This writer still misses him. He was a kick.)*****Some citizens are upset over the demolition of Orange Bank and the old Farwell home. The most powerful are being accused of not really believing in the preservation of downtown Orange. Construction of a new bank will began June 1.*****Bridge City grads from the class of 1978 honored fellow classmates as superlatives. They include Cynthia Solieau and David Jones, ‘Best All-Around,’ Robin Caillouet and Brian Truncale, ‘Most Likely to Succeed,’ and Melissa Harmon and Brian Huckabay, ‘Most Friendly.’
By the time you read this, summer will probably have returned. Wasn’t this past weekend just great? The rain Thursday was also welcomed. The Bucket Farm is healthy but the tomatoes just won’t turn red. The cucumbers are also loaded with blooms but we’ve gotten very few cucumbers. I’ve yet to see the first bee. No pollination, no produce. It looks like figs will make a bumper crop if we can get good rain about the first week of June. Our buddy city councilman David Rutledge tells us the Bridge City Farmer’s Market will open Saturday, May 31, and each Saturday through June. Venders are invited. Doctor Joe Majors says he can’t wait, he can’t stomach another store-bought tomato.*****The Bridge City class of 1968, joined by some 1967 and 1969 grads, held their 40th class reunion this past weekend. Marilyn Bailey came the farthest arriving Friday from her home in Australia. She is the daughter of the late Joe and Evelyn Bailey. Raised on Cow Bayou, she keeps up with the area by being a regular reader of our website. She was thrilled with the Cow Bayou Bridge being designated as a Historical Bridge. She cites the importance the bridge played in the lives of Bridge City youth in her early days. Joe Bailey’s grounds and the bayou drew many families for weekend outings. She was saddened by the death of her aunt Sue, who was her strength after her parents died. Johnny Montagne hosted and prepared a barbecue for the class Saturday. The music man Lyle Overman furnished the entertainment. The class gathered for a big outing at the KC Hall Saturday night. Most grads said former teacher Moe Litton hadn’t changed much. I agree. Also his daughter, pretty Mickie, a ’68 grad, still looks great. Amy Lapeyrolerie, always a great gal, drove down from Dallas. She could write a great book. Johnny appointed ‘Buckshot,’ Barbara and Roy chaperones. When Roy walked up one guy said to the other, “I don’t recognize that classmate. The other said, “Me either.” The lady standing nearby whispered, “Whoever he is, he has really aged.”*****Three great guys sworn into office at Pinehurst, Mayor T.W. Permenter, councilmen Bob Williams and John Zerko. John is a true historian about the Pinehurst area. He wrote a poem a few years ago about school classmates. We will run it in next week’s graduation issue. It tells it like it is, looking backward.*****We have one for you. Your organization can make good money by delivering the The County or The Penny Record newspapers. It’s easy, no money to collect, just have some members roll and others deliver and you have good money coming in regularly. Good projects for just a few hours a week for high pay. For more information call 735-7305, leave your name, organization and number and Roy will get with you and make you a good deal.*****Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s this week. Should be a good one. Speaking of Van, he will soon open ‘Hushpuppies # 3’ in Bridge City on Texas Ave. Bridge City folks will love it and Van’s folks will love BC. *****Last week the Lunch Bunch met at Robert’s. Roy left me a partial list of the good folks breaking bread. Tommy Willy, Judge Don Peters and pretty court clerk Juanita Tripp, new drainage board member Jimmy Scales and lovely wife Donna, the county’s parks director. Also Judge Carl Thibodeaux, who visited with Dickie Colburn. The two will write a book about Carl’s fishing experiences. It will be called, “Why I gave up fishing for golf.”  Constable Dee Aven, who had been worrying about her boy in the thick of fighting in Iraq, was there, along with Joel Steirman, who was celebrating a special day. So was President Bush while in Israel, talking about appeasement and Hitler. Judge Janice Menard looked lovely as ever but Roy says she had him wondering about that sheepish grin. She wasn’t telling. Judge Derry Dunn has been pulling double duty at Justice of the Peace Court and in Pinehurst Municipal Court. Judge Joe Parkhurst was traveling alone. His sidekick, Capt. David Peck, had just gotten out of a hospital that morning due to a kidney attack and didn’t feel well enough to attend. Judge Claude Wimberley was also alone. Big brother Jerry was at his lake house. Incoming sheriff, Constable Keith Merritt was accompanied by his lady, Ms. Marlene. She’s a good one. Corky Harmon brought Sprad. It was Corky’s turn to buy. We reported Spradling’s birthday wrong last week. It’s this week, Friday, May 25. Demo chairman Mark Carter, says this is the year of the Democrats, but he might have a hard sell. Cal Broussard says he’s found out that old age is made for cuddling, very little of anything else, even big meals are cut down to little ones. Ronny Herrera came down from Vidor, of course everyone asked about the police chief’s job. Pinehurst city councilman John Zerko stopped by. That old boy will do to ride the range with. Judge Pete Runnels got hung up at the office and others were out of pocket. Cochise was honey-doing for Ms. Judy. Everyone is welcome any Wednesday. Good down-home folks. *****Birthdays: Bill Pope, longtime record employee celebrates May 21.*****Still one of Orange County’s prettiest and sexy, Jean Moreau will reach her 65th on Monday, May 26. In Jean’s case, 65 is really the new 45. We wish this great gal a great day.*****Others stars having birthdays this week are Cher, who hits 62 on May 20, Joan Collins, 75, May 23, Priscilla Presley, 63, May 24. (You see Jean, you’re not in bad company.)*****Patti Hanks stopped in for a short visit. She was in from Vegas for a four-day stay. She visited daughter Jamie, parents and grandparents. We couldn’t strap her to the editor’s chair even for one day.*****H.D. Pate is selling off things. He’s going to sell his 1966 GT Mustang and let someone else play with it for a while. If interested call 735-2428.*****On July 1, St. Henry Catholic Church will have a new pastor. Father Leger is a native of Port Arthur.*****The 16th. Annual Ed Peveto Crawfish Boil will be Saturday, May 24, starting at 1 p.m. at Jewell Cormier Park. A big fun day. Y’all come.
Jockey Kent Desormeaux, a native of Maurice, Louisiana, a small Cajun village just out of Abbeville on the Lafayette Highway, goes after the Triple Crown. The half-mile Belmont runs June 7. The Cajun jockey and his horse ‘Big Brown,’ won the Preakness Saturday by 5.5 length. This will be Kent’s second run at the Triple. The first time, in 1998, on ‘Real Quest’ he lost the victory gallop by a nose. In the Belmont, he will be challenged by Japan-based ‘Casino Drive.’ The last Triple Crown winner was in 1978. The Cajun boy could stop the long drought and bring more recognition to South Louisiana. Kent and his wife Sonia, both from Maurice, have known each other all their lives and were high school sweethearts. They have two sons, 15-year-old Joshua and 9-year-old Jacob, who depends on Cochlear Implants for deafness. He is also losing sight at a terrifying pace. He’s afflicted with Usher Syndrome, a genetic disorder. They want him to see his father’s magical ride while he can. Kent is dedicating the race to Jacob. Kent is a cousin to the Bonin twins Audry and Flaudry of Orange.
Alayna Womack, Bill Pope, Charlotte Foreman, Hannah Dupuis, James R. Braus, Sarah McClure, Gary Fontenot, June Gregory, Lauren Parrish, Will Schisler, Bailey McCurry, Gary Hollingsworth, John Hanes, Louis Purifoy, McCartney Miller, Justin Trahan, Tracy Davis, Amanda Uzzle, Philip Douglas Thomas, Fran Bullard, Gracie Lemley, Jane Logsdon, Nelson Derrick, Chris Green, Jack James, Jo Lynn Harris, Judy Duncan, Sheryl Frazier, Archie McLellan, Barbara Olson, Logan New, Mary Majors, Willamette Reynolds, Williamette Reynolds, Dylan Ball, Dylan Maas, Robert Herin

Alex Boudreaux stop by Tee Boy’s Bar and Grill, dere he found his good friend TeeNeg Picou getting plastered. He was drinking heavy, him. Boudreaux see how bad his friend Picou looked. He axe, “TeeNeg, wats wrong wit you hanh? Why you get so drunk like dat?”
Picou look at him wit dem bloodshot eyes and say, “Boudreaux, it’s like dis, my wife Lula Mae don run off wit my best friend Joe Comeaux.”
TeeNeg down a nutter beer and wit tears in his eyes he say, “An Boudreaux me, I miss him so much.”
Three years ago we told you in this column that a black male would be elected president before a white woman could become Commander-in-Chief. It’s all about gender. The ‘Talking Heads’ made Obama out to be able to walk on water from the beginning even though the country knew nothing about him. Meanwhile, the 24 hours media jerks put constant negatives on Sen. Clinton and President Bill. She has won all the swing states and last week won West Virginia by 41 points. Obama made a smart move, brought out John Edwards for his endorsement during the evening national news, stepping on her big win. Clinton has her team together; Obama is starting from the ground. People endorsing, like Richardson, Edwards etc. have made a deal. Hillary will win Kentucky big. Obama will carry Oregon, the most Liberal state in the union. Hillary doesn’t have a trump card but she has an ace in the hole. Obama can’t get elected without a lot of help from the Clintons. I had hoped she could put the nomination together but at best it’s a very long shot. I do however admire her fight and strength.*****The American people are in a box. McCain has sold out and has hooked his star to the failed policies of Bush/Cheney. He has showed his hand on the Supreme Court. Four more Bush years and we will lose the rest of our civil liberties. McCain has to go to bed with the oil companies for any chance to win in November. We must put a barricade in the road and stop this downslide. National debt, deficit and the most liberal policies since Jimmy Carter. So, if it means supporting Forest Gump to turn this country around that’s what we’re faced with. Sometime we must take a step backward to go forward later. We must put the brakes on so much injustice to the American people. Don’t buy into the national security stuff, keeping the country safe etc. That’s just another Republican fear factor. My hope is that Hillary has a miracle left. Old man McCain will trade his soul to be president. I don’t like either Obama or McCain but I know what the American people must do if it means holding our nose.*****Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.