Two Little Cypress-Mauriceville educators were injured in a fatal van accident in Mexico, Friday. 

Terri Estes, Assistant Principal and Vocational Center Director at Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School, and Missy Jones, State and Federal Programs Coordinator were both injured in the wreck in Hidalgo, Mexico that took the lives of two Beaumont educators, Dr. Dorothy Gray and Denise Wenzel.

Ms. Estes is in stable condition and returned to Houston around 6 p.m., Saturday, with six other members of the group including: Larry Marken – Science Teacher for Jasper High School, Suzanne Nichols – ESL Teacher at West Brook High School, Alberto Igesias – Bilingual/ESL Community Liaison, Gary Gray – Supervisor, Bilingual/ESL Supervisor – BISD and husband of the late Dorothy Gray, Chris and Paul Gray, sons of Gary and Dorothy Gray.

One other member of the group, Dr. Linda Cook, counselor at Dishman Elementary required a special medical flight back from Mexico. Billie Melanson, ESL teacher from Pietsch-MacArthur Elementary, escorted her back to  Texas Their flight arrived in Houston on Friday night.

All those needing further medical treatment, including Estes were taken to Houston area hospitals. Estes was removed from the plane on a stretcher and was taken “directly to Methodist Hospital due to knee injuries and cracked vertebrae,” according to LC-M Community Relations Coordinator Sherry Combs.

Ms. Jones received injuries to her head and legs and is in critical condition. She underwent reconstructive leg surgery Saturday in Mexico City. Her head injuries are extensive. 

Jones and her husband, Sandy, are both still at the hospital in Mexico City.  Because of the more serious nature of her injuries, Sandy decided that his wife, the coordinator for state and federal programs at LCM High School, should remain at the hospital in Mexico City until she becomes stable enough for the flight back to Texas. There is an air response team waiting to take her to Houston as soon as she is able.

“Mr. Jones was able to be at his wife’s side in Mexico through the remarkable efforts of LCM School Superintendent, Dr. Pauline Hargrove. Dr. Hargrove worked tirelessly through the night on Thursday and all day Friday with Congressman Kevin Brady to get Sandy to his wife’s bedside,” said Jim Baxter Public Relations Coordinator Region 5 Education Service Center in a statement Sunday.

A family member of Dr. Dorothy Gray stated that the bodies of both Dorothy, of Region 5 ESC, and Denise Wenzel, from Marshall Middle School, would probably not be flown back to Texas until Tuesday.