This week many youngsters will say goodbye to a life that will be no more. School days, attended with lifelong friends for over a dozen years, comes to an end Friday for Bridge City and Little Cypress-Mauriceville grads. Saturday students at West Orange-Stark, Orangefield and Deweyville will close the chapter on childhood and embark on a new journey. No one can predict where the road in adulthood will ultimately lead. It will be a faster journey than any grad this week can anticipate. When they gather for their fortieth reunion they won’t recognize many of the friends they had spent their entire childhood with, even friends who have been seemingly inseperatable through high school. Many will move on and not return. We hear often from grads from around the world, gone 30 or 40 years, through our website. They are surprised that most or all of their teachers have retired or passed on. What will surprise the students who attend that reunion down the road the most is how quickly the years have gone by. You don’t have much time to waste because time doesn’t wait. Wherever life takes you, double or triple the childhood years, in your mind the fondest memories will always be those formative years spent in your hometown. Dr. Gerald ‘Jerry’ Burd, who graduated from Bridge City in 1968, says, ‘No gift or event today could replace his upbringing in Bridge City. He wouldn’t trade his childhood for anything.” Burd, a dental specialist, who has a successful life and can afford most anything he wants, says the most important years in life are the ones the grads are leaving behind. Roy has written a letter to grads somewhere in this issue, see that your graduate reads it. Also, Pinehurst City Councilman John Zerko has written a poem, ‘Memories from Childhood’ about looking back at life decades down the road. That poem says it all and with so much truth. We extend our best wishes to all the grads. We know you will scatter but you can stay in touch through Happy journey to all. Come along, even at my advanced age I’m still moving on but in my mind I’m always going home. *****Hop on, it won’t do you no harm.
 Turning back the hands of time
39 Years Ago, 1978
Among Lamar students receiving Master’s Degrees in spring commencement was Bridge City resident Milford Nichols. *****Mary Denise ‘Necey’ Gauthier is the recipient of the Bridge City chapter ABWA scholarship. *****St. Henry’s parishioners honored Father Frank Schanzer Saturday with a reception in the new parish hall, to be known as ‘Schanzer Hall’ in his honor. He has been transferred to St. Joseph’s Parish in Beaumont. He said his last mass at St. Henry Sunday. *****Friday, May 26, graduation ceremonies were held in Cardinal Stadium for 217 young Bridge City students. *****Orange County District Attorney Jim Sharon Bearden announced that he would resign effective July 1. Bearden will take over the office of lawyer Cimron Campbell at 118 Border St. Bearden went to work under D.A. Roy Wingate in August 1967. He continued under D.A. Louis Dugas in 1970 and replaced Dugas in 1973. Bearden cited the judicial processes involved in the Danny Gray killing and the psychiatric cross-examination of Henry Thomas Lee and the numerous sentences on drug delivery as his biggest accomplishment. Bearden established one of the most aggressive prosecutions of cases in recent history. *****Ms. Ann Segura was the recipient of the first ‘Lioness of the Year’ award of the Bridge City Lioness Club. In 1979 Ann became a charter member and acted as the club’s first president. She and husband A.A. ‘Jimmy’ Segura, own Bridge City Cleaners. They have three sons James, Darrell and Tommy. (Editor’s note: Jimmy passed away many years ago but Ann, who is still very pretty and must have a great hair-dresser, still operates the cleaners.)*****Traci Goza, 12, and Ikey Khoury, 15, will perform an adagio dance for the ‘Little Miss County’ pageant on June 10. *****Daughter-in-law Dana and the 17-month-old twin boys visited Roy and Crystal Wingate. Son Chuck was touring the country interviewing job prospects.
After Lamar being out of the football for 19 years, I see where the university hired Roy Woodward as football coach. The first competitive season will be in 2010. The program can only be successful attendance wise, if local athletes are recruited. I’m talking about half of the squad being from the area between Baytown to Lufkin, Jasper and in between including Orange and Jefferson counties. The five schools in Orange County could provide one player each every year. If they go off to recruit, I don’t care how much they win they will never fill the stands. Those cute little slogans ain’t never worked but watching our local boys kick ass will. This area is loaded year after year with talent McNeese has proved that. *****Speaking of sports the Angelle twins, Lauren and Jenna, signed to play college softball at Lamar-Port Arthur. Their little sister, Allison, is also a star player for Bridge City. Big brother Kevin, a great high school and college pitcher, is a pro prospect in baseball. The youngster’s parents are Lee and Connie. Someone asked where all that talent comes from. Clint Landry said, “That’s those good Landry genes.” Connie is Clint’s sister. Clint was a good athlete; his son was a star college player and is head baseball coach at Hamshire-Fanette. I’m not sure about the athletic ability but I know those four outstanding youngsters have fine parents and that’s where it starts.*****I was sorry to hear about the death of Poyntz Dunn last week. Samuel P. Dunn, 94, passed away May 20. Dunn was a longtime Orange attorney. To sons David, Sam, daughter Mary Lou and their families we send our sincere sympathy. A memorial service was held Monday. I just know that I liked him very much. He was a class guy who we often heard from. May he rest in peace.*****I understand Jan Brumley had circulation problems and last week got himself one of those stents. Here’s hoping he’s doing alright.*****Gerald Leleux went overboard trying to accumulate some points. The guy is a mechanic, knows nothing about carpentry, yet he took on the job of totally remodeling the home place. He couldn’t move for a week from all the work. Now Penny owes him big time and he expects to collect. *****The Bridge City Farmer’s Market will kick off Saturday, 7 a.m., at the pavilion next to the Community Center off of Roundbunch. Vendors and buyers welcome. Fresh vegetables. *****Special birthday wishes May 30th to Amber Dunn, our girl in medical school in El Paso. Sharon, her step-mom flew to El Paso Friday to spend a few days with her prior to her birthday. It’s a long way from home to be alone on your birthday and not know anyone. Hang in there ‘Am.’ Just one more year.*****This Thursday, May 29, our longtime friend and Bridge City businessman, Pharmacist Douglas Roy Harrington will hang it up after 40 odd years. Doug and Harrington’s Drug Store have been fixtures in the community. Doug has sold the pharmacy to a nice family who will continue to give the same personal service Harrington’s has long been known for. The neighborhood won’t be the same after all these years without Doug around. He’s seen the community grow from a small village to a thriving city. He saw many babies come along but now the time has come for him to move on. If you have a chance between now and Thursday evening, stop by and tell Doug goodbye. He’ll be glad to see you. Maybe someone will even furnish a cake. We’ll miss him just dropping in and are extremely thankful for his many years of friendship. (See Life’s Highway.)*****Our prayers go out to Terri Estes and Missy Jones from L.C.-M., who were injured in a Mexico automobile accident. Two Beaumont educators, Dr. Dorothy Gray and Denise Wenzel lost their lives. Missy had extensive injuries and remains in Mexico City hospital in grave danger.*****Celebrity birthdays: Wynonna Judd, 44, May 30; Brooke Shields, 43, May 31; Clint Eastwood, 78, May 31; Congressman Charlie Wilson celebrates his big day on June 1.*****In 1999, a barrel of oil in Odessa brought $10.  When the U.S. invaded Iraq, oil was $23.70 a barrel. Last week it went for $135 a barrel. When Bush took office he was worth $16 million, Cheney was worth $37 million. We will no doubt find out in a couple of years that their net worth went up ten-fold during the past eight years. I’d bet their blind trust has a great seeing-eye dog.*****The buzzards came out last week when Sen. Hillary Clinton made an example of why she shouldn’t drop out. Bill didn’t win California until mid-June, Bobby Kennedy was still running on June 5th when he was assassinated. Well, the ‘Chatter Heads’ jumped on that. MSNBC, especially Chris Mathews and Keith ‘Countdown’ Olbermann, used it as the nail in her coffin. Keith even ran an editorial claiming she was waiting on Obama to be assassinated. How stupid. All of the 24-hour media has played the gender card but NBC has been worst of all. Even ‘Time’ and ‘Newsweek’ ran Obama’s picture on their covers two weeks ago proclaiming him winner. Everything has been done to beat her but she still holds an ace. Barack can’t be elected without her help. She deserved to get the nomination but we don’t always get what we deserve. We’re going to end up with a poor choice between McCain and Obama. McCain once called the evangelicals ‘Merchants of Intolerance,’ then went to bed with them and will uphold the Bush failed policies. His handlers haven’t told Obama yet but he’s strictly a front man like Geo. W. was.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week, 12 noon. A nice crowd is expected. You can join in everyone is welcome. Grace, Kerrie and the crew will take good care of you.
Orangefield’s Erin Heimbach, valedictorian, daughter of Karl and Paula Heimbach; Erin Kelley, salutatorian, daughter of Gary and Denise Kelly. Valedictorian at LC-M is Monica Hambrick, daughter of Michael and Joanna Hambrick; Salutatorian is Sarah Irving, daughter of Frank and Elizabeth Irving. Community Christian’s valedictorian is Sarah Kain, daughter of Richard and Cynthia Kain; Cory Rogers is salutatorian, son of Vince and Mary Jane Rogers. Nicholas Robertson, son of Edward and Toni Robertson is Bridge City’s valedictorian and Sarah Ann Fontenot, daughter of Keith and Madge Fontenot is salutatorian. Amarianne Williams, daughter of Joseph Williams, is West Orange Stark’s valedictorian and Virginia Anthony, daughter of Robert Anthony and Susan Greenawald is salutatorian. Congrats to all.

Bruce Montague, Charlene Terro, Honor Lee Smith, Jacque Phelps, Jeanie Larch, Judy Landry, Kyle Smoke, Maureen McAllister, Michael Garcia, Rebecca Brumer, Shelly Smith, Kelli Boehme, Steffan Milligan, A.J. Lemoine, Christina Cunningham, Derek George, Nikki Barron, Nikki Fisette, Darrell Perkins, David Olson, Florence Evans, Jeannette Foster, Lauren Brownlie, Macey Joubert, Terry George, Wilda Hart, Rhonda Wilson, Brooke Edwards, Dorothy Slusher, Emily Culpepper, Gene Armand, Joyce Bourdier, Rollie Cardner, Sheila Deason, Claudia Lyon, Janice Prevost, John Gifford, Julie Lummus, Kathy Holland, Kayla Hickey, Miranda McClure, Donna Witt, Herman Dupuis.
My Aunt Clotile her, is a hipoconriat. She runs to da doctor every little pain dat she imagines. Well, las week, she went to do doctor again. Dis time she claimed to have terrible pains all over. Da nurse took her to one of the lil rooms. In about 10 or 8 minutes, Dr. C.C. Hebert came in an axe, “Clotile, were you hurt hanh?”
“Doc, me I hurt all over,” as the doctor watched, Clotile touched her wrist wit her finger.” “Ayaille,” she cried out.
“Where else you hurt Clotile?” Doc axed.
She touched the top of her head, “Ayaille,” she cried out again.
“You hurt somewhere else?” Dr. Hebert axe.
“Mais yea, watch,” She touched her knee and screamed out, “Oh, yea, yaille.”
Doctor Hebert checked all those hurting spots den he looked at her finger.
Clotile axe “I’m sick bad huh doc, I’m gunna die hanh?”
“No, no Clotile, dats not true. Only ting dat’s wrong wit you is dat your finger it’s broke in two places.”
I’m in early this Monday morning to put the finishing touches on this column. Mike came by at 6 a.m. to drop off one of his mom’s famous banana bread cakes, made only with the ripest bananas. What a way to start the day. Margaret Louviere, 87, is quite a gal who spends her days spreading good and serving mankind. Someday Mike should write that fine lady’s life story about the work she does. Thank you so much for the cake Ms. Margaret.*****Neighbor Cox has a new toy. It’s one of those fancy lawnmowers that goes backwards, forwards and sideways. He bought it from one of our advertisers and told them he saw it in our Penny Record. We appreciate it. Please let the advertisers know where you saw their ad.*****We still don’t have any bees here at the bucket Farm. I haven’t seen the first one. We’ve gotten less than a dozen cucumbers off of a couple hundred flowers. We tried the Q-tip pollination but not having much luck. The rest of the crop is going to be okay. The tomatoes just need to get red. I’m eating them off the vine as soon as one gets ripe.*****Summer is here and some of the ‘skeeters’ are starting to appear. I hate that because it sure has been nice.*****It’s the last week of school. I always dread graduation because youngsters get so crazy and every year we have loss of life. Hopefully, they will be smarter and we will have a safe graduation season. All we can do is pray.*****My time is up but I sincerely thank you for yours. Please read us from cover to cover and tell the folks in our advertising family that we sent you. Take care and God bless.