The Orange County Senior Citizens will have their regular monthly meeting on Tues. June 17th. The meeting will be at the Salvation Army Bldg. on MLK. There will be blood pressures taken at 9:00 am prior to the regular meeting which will start at l0 am. Please bring soaps for OCS. Also, prizes for bingo games. Everyone should bring a covered dish for the noon meal.
Any questions, please call 883-6161.

“Reading with Ringling Bros.!”
Library Reading program at the Bridge City Public Library beginning June 2, 2008

Summer Reading Program Allows Kids to DREAM BIG and Earn Free Circus Tickets!

Show times include Ford Park Aug. 8-10 and Lake Charles Civic Center Aug. 5 & 6.
Kids, are you interested in reading some cool library books this summer? Are you interested in earning a FREE circus ticket at the same time? After a highly successful inaugural year in 2006, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey and area libraries will be hosting some serious fun with “Reading with Ringling Bros.!” this summer, including Bridge City Public Library, located at 101 Parkside Drive. 
The reading program is easy and fun for kids to participate. The best part is that kids can earn a FREE Ringling Bros. circus ticket by simply doing their library reading! Children from ages 2-12 simply need to enroll with the librarian, who will give kids everything to start their summer reading. Kids will even receive cool bookmarks, clown noses, puzzles and coloring sheets, too! This unique library reading program will encourage children not only to read, but also to discover, dream and learn! For more information on the program and the more than 300 libraries in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, visit
Want to learn what it takes to soar on the flying trapeze or just what goes into those cream pies that the clowns throw?  Or maybe learn some fun facts about one of the more than 100 cities the mile-long circus train visits or how to teach your old dog a new trick? It’s easy! Just visit Bridge City Public Library and enjoy the magic of reading.

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