The Accelerated Certification for Educators Program (The ACE Program) at Lamar State College – Orange has selected two interns of the month for May. Surprise balloon bouquets and gifts were presented by Brenda Mott, Education Division Director and Judy Williams, ACE Coordinator to the novice teachers. Both educators are ACE Program participants and work in the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Consolidated School District.
Brittany Etheredge is a special education teacher at Mauriceville Middle School. She has been a participate in the ACE Program since 2006. When asked what makes an effective teacher, Etheredge commented “Many reasons. First I genuinely love my students. I look for each of their strengths and weaknesses and try to see how I can enhance those. Second, I work hard to have a good rapport with my students and their parents so that I can orient my lessons to their interests as much as possible. Third, I differentiate my instruction to meet each of my student’s needs.” She went on to say, “I love teaching special education and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else”. Etheredge lives in Bridge City.
The second intern of the month of May is Katherine Graham. She teaches English language arts and reading to twelfth graders at Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School. She has been a participant in the ACE Program since 2007. When asked what makes her an effective teacher, she said  “I respect my students and expect them to do the same. I have very high expectations and push them toward higher order thinking. I do not play “gotcha”, and try in every way to help them to become hard working, thinking, and productive members of society. I believe in my students”. Graham went on to say she has a wonderful support system. “I have many friends who are veteran teachers and always willing to lend an ear, a lesson plan, or an idea.” Graham said. “My mentor and my teachers through the ACE Program have been wonderfully supportive also. The one thing more important than the others, however, is that I love to teach. I wake up excited about what my students and I will learn from one another that day!” She told Williams, ACE Program Coordinator, “I thank you for this honor, and your confidence in me as a teacher”. Graham is from Nederland.
If you would like more information about the intern of the month award or the ACE Program at Lamar State College – Orange to certify teachers in the state of Texas, please contact Williams at 409-882-3043.