Marriage License Issued By

The Office Of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk

For The Week of May 26, 2008 Through May 30, 2008


Charles H. Kibodeaux and Mindy A. Haney

Dustin L. Hopson and Norma A. Hinojosa

Jarrod D. Marks and Nikki D. Horton

Freddie D. Lacy and Jennafer A. Hurley

Craig T. Klement and Hannah M. Whalley

Philip T. McCall and Norma L. Sanderson

Adron C. Gammill and Sarah L. Mathews

Nicholas J. Hicks and Brandi E. Carter

Paul A. Hammers and Amanda K. Turner

John M. Steen and Tina M. Kuhn

Gregory L. Chance and Rachael D. DeWitt

Jean P. Dupre and Amanda K. Richard

Benny R. LeBouef and Shannon E. Wilkerson