Marriage License Issued By The Office Of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk For The Week of June 2, 2008 Through June 6, 2008

Robert J. Ezell and Melissa L. Peterman

Justin M. Westmoreland and Verna S. Sheppard

William D. Woodson and Stacy A. Woodward

Christopher L. Powers and Thanh T. Phan

James W. Tally and Geraldine Adams

Christopher D. Sparks and Megan R. Phillips

Jeremy D. Smith and Jennifer L. Wilson

Perry J. Manuel and Glynda M. Hyde

Richard D. Walston and Cheri L. Smith

Robin E. Lee and Lydia V. Hill

Gavin B. Victoria and April M. Verrett

Jeremy S. Berry and Rebecca L. Saladino

Kevin L. Bossier and Jennifer A. Bortner

Michael D. Farmer and Janna L. Morgan

Chad E. Epperly and Page L. Woodard

Gerald W. Tarter Jr. and Stephany K. Underwood

David L. LeBleu and Darlene L. Carter

Robert A. Deshazo and Jamie M. Minner

Billy W. Crorey and April L. Simon