Brad Bacom, who will teach a class on private investigation at LIT, is a former peace officer and private investigator. With 27 years of experience under his belt, he knows what it takes to be a private eye. The first four-hour class, which is free to the public, is called “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” The class informs prospective students about what it’s like to be a private investigator, said Bacom, who was a peace officer for 25 years.

Bacom will cut through the myths created by movies, books and television and give students a realistic view of being a professional private investigator. This session will explain who can qualify to be a private investigator and who is required to have a private investigators’ license. Bacom also will discuss: the earning potential of a private investigator in Texas, legal qualifications, licensed and registered private investigators, opening your own private investigator business, working for a licensed investigator, Texas laws governing private investigators, Texas Department of Public Safety – Private Security Bureau (PSB) and The PSB licensing exam.

The first official day of the six-week class will be June 28. The course is $600. All students must attend the June 21 session.

For more information about the class, call (409) 880-8293.