West Orange – Cove CISD Superintendent Dr. O. Taylor Collins has announced that three campuses in the WO-C school system will have assistant principal changes for the 2008-2009 school year.
Robert Reid, Oates Elementary Principal, will be assigned to WO-S High School as Assistant Principal.

“I appreciate Dr. Collins granting my request to return to the high school to assist Mr. Mike Mason and his fine staff.  I return knowing that this move benefits the District and allows me the opportunity to continue to grow professionally and serve the students,” Reid said.

Reid was Assistant Principal at the High School from 2004-2005.
He has served as Oates Elementary Principal for the past two years.
“I appreciate the improvement in test scores at Oates Elementary under his tenure,” Collins said.

Collins said that Reid’s request to return to the High School provided the mechanism to look forward.

Collins said, “I am looking to the future, given that we will be consolidating from Anderson and Oates Elementary into the new WO-C elementary school, and making changes in some assignments.”

Collins said there will be only one principal at the new elementary school which is scheduled to open for the 2009-2010 school year and at this time that will be Anderson Elementary Principal Benny Smith.

Two additional changes in assistant principals were also announced.
“I believe these assignments to be in the best interest of the District and schools,” Collins Said.

Aimee Hebert, assistant principal at West Orange – Stark High School will become an assistant principal at West Orange – Stark Middle School.

Paul Hardin, who is currently assigned to the Administration Building for special projects, is being assigned as assistant principal at Anderson Elementary.

“In this past 2007-08 school year, our District has experienced significant improvement in student achievement. I believe these new configurations of administrative staff will enhance our instructional and management goals,” Collins said.

The new principal of Oates Elementary will be determined at a later date.