Here at the Creaux’s Nest and Mr. Cox’s Neighborhood in the past 11 weeks, it has only rained 1.5 inches and that was five weeks ago. We have seen several showers come down in the area, but none on the Bridge City side of Cow Bayou. There is a 20 to 30 percent chance of a shower every day this week. We need a real rain but anything will help. Everything is burning up. People watering their gardens are reporting problems with armadillos digging everything up. A good rain would solve that. They would dig in the woods with no reason to leave home to go worm hunting. If we don’t get a good rain this week the fig crop will suffer. I understand the Bridge City Farmer’s Market Saturday had a lot of fresh produce. Growers came from areas getting rain. Not enough buyers showed up for those large, red, ripe tomatoes and other goodies. Fresh corn is due in next Saturday so come out.*****A big Hawk has been hanging around. He was screaming a little earlier as he sat on the high wire in front of Firestone Credit on Roundbunch. Cox had spotted him dive for one of the kittens that the crew has gentled. They also have been doctoring one of the kitten’s eyes. Anyway, one is missing this morning and I suspect the big Hawk got it. That mama cat stares at me and follows me around like she wants me to help her find her kitten. I’m almost sure the old Hawk got it and is hanging around for more.*****Sportscaster Jim McKay, born James McManus, died at age 86 on June 7. He was probably the best sports announcer and covered the “Wide World of Sports” for ABC. Sports is a reflection of life with its thrill of victory and agony of defeat. McKay described the major events like no other.***** I’ve got a lot to say and do so I’d best get started. It’s going to be 93 degrees. Certainly too hot to fish or anything else outdoors. Come along, it won’t do you no harm. 

Eight years ago we said in this column that if George Bush and Dick Cheney were elected over Al Gore, the middle class would suffer the most. Four years ago when they were re-elected, that still boggles my mind; the middle class would be pushed down and in many cases to poverty levels. Today those that were well off during the Clinton years have been reduced to losing their homes, second cars and can’t afford to send their kids to college. Not everyone in our little part of Texas seems to be more fortunate. Many of us are squeezed to the last drop. One Lamar Beaumont student told me she would have to drop some classes so she could work longer hours at her part-time job. Her cost for gas is $60 a week and she’s not alone. George W. and Dick are the worst thing that happened to this country since the Great Depression. They lied and used silly color codes to keep people in fear. Orange today, red tomorrow.
Meanwhile, a lot of people have lined their pockets. Still when I write these things I’ll hear from the radical right accusing me and Creaux of being liberals. Boy, that’s a joke. Their conservative boys have run up a record deficit and doubled the national debt in eight years that took 224 years to accumulate. Wall Street tumbled Friday, almost 400 points. Oil prices shot up $11 in one day approaching $140 a barrel, headed to $150. Geo. W. and Dick took over when oil was $17. The dollar declined against other major currencies. The dollar in your pocket is worth far less than it was when the conservatives took over in 2000.
Jobs have disappeared into thin air. The Bush $168 billion stimulus package giveaway hasn’t stimulated, it’s just helped pay fuel prices and high-energy costs. That was their idea of a great conservative move. Even liberals thought it was a foolish move that needed a better plan. Unemployment hit a 22-year high with 8.5 million jobs lost under Geo. W. and Dick. Economists believe unemployment is headed higher, prices are predicted to rise 20 percent leading to inflation. Trace it back to the oil boys in the White House who put together the secret economic and energy policy.
The radicals who write us say Democrats will raise taxes. You’re a fool if you read the above and still don’t realize how badly you have been taken advantage of. My friends, you have been taxed at every turn and are less fortunate every day.
Karl Rove sold you on the plan that you couldn’t get to heaven unless you voted Republican. You fell for it and now it’s hell for a lot of our people in this country. It’s the biggest sham in Creaux’s lifetime. You know what? Gullible folks will fall for it again and vote for a continuation of the same failed policies. The rich will get richer and the middle class will end up po-folks. The next place we will pour billions in is Iran. Bomb the bridges and buildings and Americans will rebuild them. At home we will have two classes the rich and the poor, just like third world countries. 

30 Years Ago-1978
Orange Boat Club to stage 25th water festival. Nearly 5,000 spectators are expected to watch a boat demolition derby, the naming of the 15th King Neptune and the crowning of ‘Miss Water Sport.’ Previous King Neptunes were Edgar Brown in 1963; Frank Stark, 1964; Hubert Sprad Spradling, 1965; Robert Bonner, 1966; Leonard Parker, 1967; Herb Mesch, 1968; John Simmons, 1969; Jack Waggoner, 1970; Red Bellair, 1971; Toby Spector, 1972; Charlie Hall, 1973; Billie B. Hall, 1974; Weldon Hall, 1975 and Tommy Huff, 1976. Richard Corder, of KOGT, will emcee the beauty pageant. A barefoot skiing contest will also be held. (Editor’s note: If you talk to ‘Sprad’ he will tell you he won and will probably tell you the time he skied barefoot from Orange to Galveston. However, if you can’t catch ‘Sprad’ talk to Corky. He has heard the story so many times he knows it from start to finish.)*****Congressman Charlie Wilson brings Vice-president Walter Mondale to his district. Next week he is having United Nation’s Ambassador Andrew Young, who will speak on the date President Lincoln freed the slaves.  Also coming to Beaumont next week for the dedication of the Jack Brooks Federal Building will be President Jimmy Carter. (This was when our area had lots of political pull and our United States and state government representatives were not from the Houston area.)*****The Joe Kazmars are on a trip to Missouri.*****Beverly Williamson, a former Orange beauty and wife of Joe, is now touring Europe.*****Pat Schroeden has just had open heart surgery in Houston.***** Harold Welsh is the new incoming president of Noon Optimist Club.*****Attorney Don Kelly has opened his law office in the old Hoyt building at 6th and Front.*****Violet Chapman and daughter Lia are in Florida visiting Violet’s mom and three sisters.*****Ron Guidry, the Cajun boy from Lafayette, had his fast ball clocked at 95 MPH.*****Since August of last year he is 17-1 pitching for the New York Yankees and has an era of 2.00.*****Affirmed won the Belmont by a scant three inches over Alydar. It will be remembered as one of the greatest match ups in racing history. 

This week Robert Hankins, an award-winning writer, joins our Record family. He has many years of journalistic experience that he brings to our two publications. Robert is going to help us make the changes we have been striving for. We are glad to have him on board and look forward to working with him. This week he gets his feet on the ground and next week he hits the road running. More on this later.*****We also welcome De’Awn Baker, new director of marketing and public information at Lamar State College-Orange. We look forward to working with her.*****We were sorry to hear about the death of Ed Hughes, 82, who died June 7. We first met him in the 1960s when he owned a supermarket located where Church on the Rock on Texas Avenue and Roberts is today. That supermarket became Howard’s, Hatton’s etc.*****Boston leads two games to none over the Lakers in the NBA finals. Sunday night the Celtics won 108 to 102. The games now shift to Los Angeles but the Lakers, favored to win, are in a hole.*****Our buddy and columnist Kent Conwell has his 10th mystery from Avalon books out. “The Crystal Skull Murders” is now available at your local bookstore. The swamps of Bayou Teche and the savvy Tony Boudreaux is a must read. A great gift, especially to send to a faraway friend. I bet Cal Broussard buys a half dozen of them to send around the nation. It’s well written, smooth reading and keeps you in suspense. *****Congratulations to our Cajun friends from LeBlanc school community. Mayo and Juanita LeBlanc celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last week. They both share the same last name from birth and were raised together in a community by the same name. The longtime Bridge City residents don’t act or look like they are much more than 60 years old. They must have married when they were three. Real salt of the earth folks.*****Beware if you are going to do a television interview. Donna Scales, park director, and Mark Dunn both learned that in interviews sold on the basics of a “feel good” story, sometimes it gets twisted and the outcome is a negative story on the 6 o’clock news. Local television news is bad about that because bad news sells and feel good news doesn’t. They are so nice it’s easy to fall for it.*****Congrats to Kristin Holbrooks who was named new volleyball coach at Orangefield by A.D. Blake Morrision. Kristin, the daughter of Sheila, is the granddaughter of Fain and Vivian Holbrooks. Her grandmother is a real fine lady but her grandfather is full of it and doesn’t have a serious bone. A true character, one of the great guys.*****We got a call from concert promoter Don Ball. He is excited about this year’s Gulf Coast Jam. It will be the first time that Percy Sledge and the Fabulous Boogie Kings will share the stage. Others on the show will be Louisiana Express, EAZY, Jerry LaCroix, GG Shinn and others. The show is set for Aug. 9 at the newly-remodeled Port Arthur Civic Center. Tickets go on sale July 5 at the Penny Record, 335 Roundbunch Road in Bridge City and Harry’s Appliance in Orange.****Aunt Tootsie journeyed to Buna to visit her sister Thelma. She stayed overnight, rested and made the return trip the next day. To Aunt Toosie it was like a West Coast turn around.*****Special birthday people. To friend Bobbie Burgess, who celebrates June 14 and shares a birthday with Donald Trump. She lives with another Donald who has nearly as much gold as Trump. He is the most conservative liberal I know.*****Inez Hearne’s son-in-law, Janice’s husband Lyle Overman, celebrates on Father’s Day, June 15.***** One of our dearest friends, someone we can always count on, Mary Alice Cole Hartsfield, has her big day next Tuesday, June 17. All Geminis. They will do to ride the range with.*****Saturday Roy’s two sisters Shirley and Fay along with Fay’s husband Lewis drove down from Lafayette to spend the day. Before the Belmont race Fay told about jockey Kent Desormeaux being raised across the street from them on Crawford Street in Lafayette. Her daughter Susan was his baby-sitter before his mother moved to Maurice. Kent and Big Brown didn’t win the Triple Crown. Something went wrong and Kent pulled up.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s. Everyone welcome. Last week the group, along with Ms. Phyl, family and Record staff, surprised Roy with a birthday celebration at Tuffy’s. Even H.D. and Harrington attended.

Cade Vidrine, Paige Olive, Tyler Derouen, Caroline Hennigan, Chris Riedel, Jacqueline Bourdier, Jane Minor, Pam Williams, Brook Doss, Caitlyn Villanoueva, Elizabeth Tran, Kaaren Kline, Ryan Kelly, Shawna Gauthier, Steven Crabtree, Desia Davis, Duane Anthony, Susan Fischer, Tamny Droddy, Adam Dupuis, Betty Jean Lonadier, Brandon Duhon, Brandy Aldridge, David Cardner, Faye Sherwood, Ryan Richard, Sherri Fruge, Tina Romero, Alex Eby, Carol Hall, Denise Vickers, Sharon Fisher, Jennifer Harrison, Leigh Ann Wilson, Ruby Bell.

A Letter From Sostan
Dear Cuz, it’s been a long time since I write me. Sugar Bee and me went on a vacation to Canada. Wen we return home our house had been burglarized, everyting gone. Wen I call da police dey broadcast da call on da radio and a K-9 Unit was the first to respond. He approached my house wit his dog on a leash. Sugar Bee her, saw dat and boy she was mad. She called Mayor Fontonot to complain about Police Chief Oris Broussard sending out a blind policeman. It took me an hour to calm her down from screaming and crying and carrying on.
Las week, my brudder-in-law Clovis, wat works offshore, was home. At 2 in da morning da phone ring. Clovis him answer and listen a moment, you know he’s real simple him, he said to da telephone, “How should I know me, dat’s 50 miles from here,” and hung up. His wife Lucy axe, “Who was dat?”
Clovis said, “I don’t know babe, some man wanted to know if the coast is clear.”
Joe Comeaux’s simple daughter Agnes was taken to doctor LeBlanc for examination. Doc tole her she was pregnant and poor Agnes wanted to know, “Is it mine?”
Tings don’t change much here. Tell everybody hallo. Bye for now. Sostan. 

Our buddy Raz hangs around the Creaux’s Nest. He’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback show dog that belongs to Mark and Sharon. Mark has him hang out with the crew to get him used to being around people. He’s liking us all better now but has really bonded with Penny. I believe she sneaks him munchies and that is a no-no. Anyway Raz, a beautiful animal, was on the show circuit recently. On Saturday he won a point and a blue ribbon and performed like a champ. Sunday, he pulled a “Big Brown” and did just what Big Brown did at the Belmont. There is no logical explanation according to his handler, he just didn’t want to perform. He just wanted to relax, check the girls out and enjoy the sights. Mark says that won’t cut it. He’s back to the dog show next weekend. Our bird Creaux is jealous that Raz is getting so much attention. Performing days for Creaux and I are all but over. He doesn’t do anything and I do very little.*****When Bill Clinton left office Jan. 21, 2000 gasoline was $1.09 a gallon, 10 gallons was $10.90. This morning I paid $39.30. It took 90 years to get to $1, it took Dick Cheney 7.5 years to raise it to four times that. Everything is shrinking, home values, vehicles, income, jobs. Investors are running as economic darkness is squeezing the American dream. Americans again missed the chance to elect the most qualified to be president. What happened to Hillary is what we predicted when she voted for the war. We said then that anyone voting for that lie would pay for the mistake. I believe in the end it will also get McCain.*****Thanks for your time, mine is up. Please read us cover to cover and let our advertisers know we sent you. Take care. God bless America.