During Road check 2008, which ran from June 3 through June 5, DPS troopers inspected 5,824 commercial vehicles, placing 24.6 percent of them out of service for equipment violations.

During the three-day campaign, 5,824commercial vehicles were inspected, and 1,435 of the vehicles and 178of the drivers were found to have serious enough safety violations to be removed from service. Last year, 1,659 vehicles and 259 drivers were placed out of service.

Inspectors placed 122 drivers out of service for hours-of-service violations. Other violations ranged from false log violations to suspended, expired and canceled licenses and having the improper endorsement. Thirteen drivers were placed out of service for drug or alcohol violations. Troopers issued 11 tickets for seatbelt violations.

Vehicle out-of-service violations included 911 trucks that needed a brake adjustment, 564 that had brake system problems, 173 that had tire or wheel problems and 251 that had light malfunctions.

DPS Commercial Vehicle Enforcement troopers, along with Highway Patrol troopers and other inspectors who have received specialized training in commercial vehicle inspection,stopped commercial vehicles to inspect safety equipment and check driver licenses, endorsements and log books. Troopers also looked for possible drug or alcohol use.

The annual Road check program, which stretches from Mexico to Canada, is designed to reduce commercial vehicle highway fatalities through increased vehicle safety. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, which sponsors Road check, reports a significant decrease in the commercial vehicle crash rate in North America since the program’s start in 1988.

Vehicles passing inspection received a CVSA decal exempting the vehicle from inspection for a 90-day period, unless they have an obvious safety defect. Troopers issued 2,054 decals during Road check 2008.