Attendance was down slightly Saturday at the annual Orangefield Homecoming, but that didn’t dampen spirits of former Bobcats.

About 115 alumni gathered at Orangefield Elementary to reminisce with old friends and share a great meal. The homecoming committee supplied brisket and drinks, while everyone else supplied their favorite side dish or dessert. There were three aisles of food available. Even if you only tried a teaspoon of each dish, you would be stuffed before you got to the end.

Over half of the surviving members of the class of 1939 were in attendance, which totaled four. Lavergne Armstrong, Conrad Webb, Frank Hatton and Lois Remkes Boehme posed for pictures beneath a sign proclaiming the year they graduated. Of the three missing, Erlene Russell was ill, and Hazel Smith and Gloria Parker live away and were not able to attend.

Many people brought old pictures and scrap books to share. Suzie (Cotton) Tipton, now of New Mexico, has worked tirelessly scanning and documenting old photographs of some of the founding families of Orangefield. She had several she needed identified. She believes those pictures shows members from the Chandler, Granger, Chaisson, Bland, Linscomb, Garrison, or Walles families. Tipton will be in the area for the rest of the month and can be contacted at 735-3161 or e-mailed at Her home address is 221 Ruth, Clovis, N.M. 88101; and she can make copies or supply a DVD of any picture she has. The photographs that need identification are from the turn of century through World War II. She also has pictures that have documentation on the back, but it is written in French and needs translating.

Nita “Cook” Nugent has pictures of the Orangefield schools used before the “Alamo” was built. She needs information about where the schools were located and what dates the schools were in use. She can be reached at 735-4892 during the summer or at the school in August.

Mona Bradford just became the librarian at the high school and also has a project she needs some information for. The school wants to have a plaque made that lists all of the Valedictorians and Salutatorians. Names are needed for the years 1929 through ‘45, ‘58 and ‘60. She asks there be some sort of documentation, such as a program from graduation or a certificate, anything that can verify the status. Call her at 735-2160 or 330-2720; or e-mail

The homecoming takes place on the second Saturday each June. Guest usually arrive early, eat at noon and leave shortly after.

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