The thunder rolled, and the sky was as dark as a moonless night. Two inches of rain dropped out of the sky on Orange. In east Bridge City, it looked like our time for a good rain had finally come. We had only 1.5 inches in 12 weeks and it had been six weeks since a drop fell. I watched the radar, and a donut hole fell around Bridge City each time it rained around the area. Just before the heavy rain broke up we got the tail end, a little less than a quarter inch. The grass and plants got a drink. Better than nothing. We need much more, but not as much as the Midwest has gotten. People are never satisfied are they?*****Let me apologize right here up front to Coach Rob Caraway, the new defensive coordinator for Coach Cris Stump at Bridge City. Last week we called him Brad instead of Rob. I have no idea where that mistake came from. Other big news out of Bridge City High is that former high school star Josh Smalley has been hired as offensive coordinator. Josh is coming home from Orangefield, where he did a great job last year. I’m sure there are some, but I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like him. He’ll coach anywhere they want him to, but I bet they can’t hog-tie him into coaching baseball or softball. Remember he was raised in Bridge City. He knows the programs that carry the heat. Speaking of baseball, the school board was set to name a new coach Monday evening however the hiring has been delayed. Also on that subject, most of Bridge City was tuned into ESPN-2 on Sunday. Favorite son Johnny Dishon didn’t play but I feel he should have; center fielder Leon Landry, also a freshman, didn’t have a good day. North Carolina beat LSU 8-4. LSU plays Rice next so maybe Johnny will get in. There is a move underway to switch him to catcher, a spot that will be open next season.*****On Sunday Tiger Woods sunk a 12-foot birdie clutch putt over Rocco Mediate forcing an 18-hole playoff in the U.S. Open. Monday. Finally in sudden death Tiger won his third U.S. open. His 14th major. Rocco hung all the way. He was very popular with the spectators. No doubt Tiger is the best to ever play the game but Rocco did himself proud.*****The Lakers were lucky to avert disaster beating the Celtics 103-98 in game five. Los Angeles now goes to Boston for game six Tuesday and if they find a way to win, the tie-breaker will be Thursday in Boston.*****Our friends Al and Dean Granger will host the grand opening of their new Chevrolet dealership Saturday. It’s a big event for the Granger boys. Drop in, visit and tell them Breaux and Creaux sent you.*****Gotta move on, come along, it won’t do you no harm.
Tim Russet is victim to a silent killer. Just back from a long flight from Italy Tim was working in his office preparing for his Sunday morning ‘Meet the Press’ show. In just a flash, the 58-year-old was dead. I have found, over the years, that after a long air flight men will suffer a heart attack caused by a blood clot, often formed in the leg. A blood clot is silent. It comes from plaque that breaks loose in the blood vessel. A clot forms around it and travels, often causing instant death when it hits the heart. Many of our friends have died instantly without warning. Three of them now deceased within seconds come to mind, W.T. Oliver, Buzzie Gunn and Bobby Menard. That is what is scary about this killer. A person doesn’t have the symptoms of a regular heart attack, like chest and arm pains, it just happens without warning.
Being a political junkie all my life I have watched ‘Meet the Press’ since right after I got my first television set. Over the last 17 years, I have watched Tim’s Sunday show without fail. He came on right after Rev. Leo’s radio show. I would watch the other Sunday news shows if time permitted but Russet was a must. Tom Brokaw subbed on Sunday, but I don’t know of anyone who can replace Tim. He was a tough questioner and didn’t cut any slack to Repubs or Demos. I hear a lot from his cohorts about how fair he was. I disagree somewhat. I’ve seen times I thought he went too far. I know that because of his Irish Catholic, working class family, his dad drove a garbage truck. I believe his favorite in the Democratic primaries was Sen. John Edwards. I admired Russert’s family values and treasured my copy of his book “Big Russ and Me.” As Washington Bureau Chief he gave a lot of young talent their chance. He developed MSNBC into an all-day political network, changing anchors every hour. Tim and Andrea Mitchell were the only two who didn’t show extreme bias. I hate that Tim won’t be around for this historical presidential election. I look for formats to change both at MSNBC and CNN. The McCain and Obama race is not exciting enough to hold interest, not like Hillary and Barack. The shows have become repetitious and boring. Talking Heads, who bill themselves as experts, have few real experts on their shows. Pundents push their own choices. “Morning Joe” has that silly woman, etc. Tim was real and knowable, like Brokaw. The election will not be the same, neither will Sunday morning.
30 Years Ago-1978
Louis Gonzales of Orange caught the biggest King Mackerel ever landed in this area. It tripped the scale at 60-pounds.*****The Gunrunner, 507 Green Ave., is having a gun sale. You can buy a 357 Magnum, six-  or four-inch for $179, new model super Blackhawk, .44-caliber $169, stainless steel, black powder, old Army .44 Ruger for $164.*****Some of the Sabine River Cber’s are Slough Slosher, Nurse Goodbody, Fender Bender, Dragon Lady, Apple Sauce, Timberwolf, Daisy Mae, Dr. Feelgood, Capt. Kangaroo and Muddy Lady. (Editor’s note: Do you remember any of these Cber names? Everyone had one.)*****The Bridge City High choir band brings back six gold medals from Austin. Mitch Dionne for solo, Gerri Gore, Kirk Ellender, Chris Lee and Ronnie Parnell for quartet. Dicky Shanks won silver for vocal solo. Winning first medals for the band were Scott Harper, percussion and Jeff Jones on piano. Gayla Morgan, Scott Taylor, Bryan Beard and Theresa Beason won a first-place medal. Winning first for the clarinet quartet were Debbie Hardee, Lynn Matthews, Shelly Pate and Danette Davis. The flute trio won first with Lisa Meirer, Sue Shanks and Jean Guyote. (Editor’s note: Do you remember any of these youngsters? Today, they are fast approaching 50 years which is just a couple of years away. I wonder how many would like to go back to the great school days.)*****State Rep. Wayne Peveto spoke to the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce at Wayside Inn luncheon. He spoke on California’s referendum, better known as Proposition 13. Peveto was recently appointed chairman of the legislative council property tax study commission by Gov. Dolph Briscoe.*****Richard Corder was named “King Neptune” at the Water Festival. Carol Reindec was named “Miss Water Sport” and pretty Kim Daniels was runnerup.*****Charles L. “Jack’”Angelle has been elected worshipful master for the Masonic year 1978-79. He will succeed Grover M. Lee. Angelle is employed with the Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation as director of physical plant management of the Stark Museum of Art.*****Bill Lapeyrolerie turned 16 June 15, Patsy Fisette celebrated on the 17th.
Monday evening Betsy Dunn and Beth Mathews hosted a reception for Larry and Becky Hunter at Betsy’s home. Larry is running for state representative. God knows we have to start making some changes in state government. If we are ever going to get a fair redistricting plan we must start with the House of Representatives. As long as our representative is beholden to Speaker Caddrick, Orange County and much of rural Texas will be held hostage. Many of us in the county can’t even vote for our own state representative. Half of Bridge City, West Orange, all of the Cove and most of the city of Orange can’t vote for an Orange County candidate. What’s fair about that? We must vote for a Beaumont representative. Our county is split in two, thanks to Tom DeLay and Caddrick’s plan. Rep. Mike Hamilton is a nice enough guy but he owes his soul to Caddrick. I have a map that shows the congressional line from Montgomery County to Orange. Looks like a snake road the way it dodges democratic boxes around Moss Hill, Rye and Liberty. Yes sir, we need some changes, *****Chris Gunn, a third-generation photographer, has moved Gunn’s Studio from 16th Street after 40 years to a new location. After leasing a building for all of those years, Chris and Cindy have bought their own building on Green Avenue They have more room and have made a nice studio with many new scenic backgrounds and natural light. Visit them at 1403 Green. With Chris’ son and daughter now involved, there are four generations of Gunns. I remember T.L. Gunn’s first studio on Second Street. His son Buzzie later became an award-winning photographer. No one beats a Chris Gunn portrait and Tony takes great sports shots. Mama Dayle is still the best makeup artist in the business.*****Last week Republicans just wouldn’t go against big oil. They blocked a bill that would have imposed a “Windfall Profits” tax. Oil companies netted $36 billion just in the first quarter, $13 a barrel is break-even and now it’s selling for over $136 a barrel. We need a government that’s serious about alternative fuels and technological advances. The Repubs proved with last week’s vote that it won’t happen if a Republican president is elected. A Republican can’t get elected, however ,without big oil’s support. That’s the bottom line.*****Since selling the Chevrolet dealership to Al and Dean Granger, Corky and Don Harmon have stayed busy. They have opened Harmon’s Auto Corral across the street selling used cars. They are remodeling the building and are back to their roots which go back over 50 years. Selling only qualified, previously-owned autos is a Don Harmon Trademark. You can reach them by calling 670-0232.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch met at Robert’s last week. During the gathering Capt. David Peck got a big surprise. His daughter Amber and kids came in from Nashville. Peck got to see and meet a baby granddaughter for the first time. He was really touched by the visit and they spent a long time together after lunch. This week the Lunch Bunch gathers at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s. It’s never known who or how many will show up, but if it’s a dozen or two dozen it’s quality time with interesting, great folks.*****Congrats to Marv Howland, our friend, honored with the prestigious Jefferson Award. He and wife Arlene do great work day in and day out.*****Robert Hankins publishes his first column for us this week. It’s short but Robert probably owns more awards for column-writing than a lot of folks presently writing. Everyone here at the Record is excited about having him on board. If he and Roy get motivated at the same time we’ll have some good human-interest stuff coming down the pike. *****Speaking of Roy, he’s been eating exotic meals lately. Charlotte Anderson prepared him a half of goat, roasted with rich brown gravy. He’s eaten so much of it I look for him to grow horns. He says, “That gal is a doll.” I wonder if Dow Gene ate the other half of that goat.*****Happy birthday to these special folks. Mary Alice celebrated on June 17; Andrew Riedel celebrates on the 18th; Cowboy coach Wade Phillips, an Orange native, celebrates on the 21st; John Cooper, what a guy, has his big day on the 22. Also celebrating on the same day is Commissioner-elect David Dubose; Jordan Bates’ special day is June 23. It’s a week away but Wednesday, June 25, Gary Stelly will celebrate a big one.*****Happy anniversary to a couple of fine couples who celebrate on June 18, Mary Frances and Ken Hartley and Anne and Robert Edwards. Best to all.*****Quote of the week. “We will not allow Iraq to become a platform for harming the security of Iran, our neighbors.” This was Iraqi’s Prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki assuring Iranian president that American bases in Iraq will not be used to attack his country. Very grateful those Iraqis for the lives we’ve lost and the money we’re throwing away in that hellish hole, created by Bush and Cheney, who turned the country for the worse. At least Saddam would have let us attack Iran if we found it necessary.
Barbara Garza, Alex Brent, Andrew Riedel, Belinda Welch, Brandy Slaughter, Janice Rabin, Nancy Haworth, Shelby Turbeville, Vern Campbell, Amber King, Kyna White, Mary Alice Hartfield, Mary Stewart, Shelby Permenter, Chelsie Moerbe, Cortnie Moerbe, Marianne Choate, Myrtle Howell, Debbie Johansson, Gregory Darbonne, Loretta Beck, Lynda Phillips, Sarah Claybar, Sharon Wright, Wesley Darbonne, Dan Dumas, David Dubose, John Cooper, Melanie Broussard, Caitlin Wells, Charlene Braus, Nora Anne Minor, Phyllis Nimitz, Roberta Overstreet, Sissy Braus, Betty Merchant, Jeania Craus, Kim Turbeville.

Rev. Mayo Comeaux is da pastor of da Sunset Baptist Church in Sunset, Louisiana. Clovis Thibodeaux is da pastor of da Pentecostal Church across da road. After da floods from Hurricane Rita, repair work was being done on Church Street wat runs over Turtle Gully.
Da two pastors dem were standing by da road pounding a sign into da ground. Da sign read “Da end is near, turn you self around now before it’s too late.”
As dem two Cajun preachers stood dere a car speed past dem, da driver him leaning out of his window yelled, “You radical religious nuts.”
Around da curve da mens heard screeching tires, screaming and a loud splash.
Comeaux him turns to Thibodeaux and axe, “Brudder, do you tink maybe da sign should just say, “Bridge it’s out yea.”
A report in U.S.A. Today says bank robberies have increased around the United States because of the economy. Two friends came by and while talking one said, “If things didn’t get better for him he might have to rob a bank.” His friend said, “If things don’t get a lot better for me, I’ve already robbed one, they just don’t know it yet.” Electricity bills are heading up. I’m afraid way up because of soaring fuel cost. Utilities are seeking increases. Young couples and people on fixed income will suffer the most. I still look for gas prices to come down in late August or early September before the November election. By going up so high, if gas comes down to $3 a gallon, they hope the public will think that they are getting a bargain. McCain doesn’t have a chance if gas prices climb or stay the same.*****Condolences to Ms. Ruby and the family of B.W. Parks, 82, who passed away June 13. Services were June 16. He was really a good man. May he rest in peace.*****My time is up, I thank you for yours and also for your loyalty to our publications. You keep us going. Take care and God bless.