Marriage License: Issued By The Office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange

County ClerkFor the Week of May 9, 2008 thru May 13,


Donovan Russell L Bradley and Misty D


Steven L Raley and Amber N Stone

James M Fulton and Versa L Hoosier

Scott C Booth and Brandi M Eads

Corey D Adams and Mallory M Murphy

Ted M Royer and Dorcas A Paule

Christopher L Mays and Brenda J Winder

William T Thomas and Ashley N DuCharme

Barry G Briggs and Brenda J Gallups

Pike Pickett I and Jessica L Bingham

Gary L Noble Jr and Tiffany N Foxworth

Corey B Hoelzer and Meagan R Klein

Joseph D Penson and Chasity D Dixon

Walter C Wells and Jamie D Eubanks

Stephen J Jeanise and Jeana A Teague

Herbert L Foster Jr and Veronica L Gauthier

Kendrick J Phillips and Telisa M Chesson

Joshua D Sonier and Jennifer LD Kroontje

James C Lambert and Ashley L Kanapaska

Lamech N Wright and Betty L Williamson

Patrick M Perry and D’Ann D Wells