Back in 1981 at McNeese, I took a class called “Music Appreciation 101.”

That’s where you find out where Richard Strauss’ timpani-fest “Also Sprauch Zarathusthra” is not really called “The Theme From ‘2001’. ”

So one week we got into madrigals, or rounds, otherwise known as old English songs nobody ever got paid for.

The first one up was the 13th century smash hit “Sumer Is Icumen In.”

Upon hearing the title, it immediately struck me that summer actually was coming in. It’s a shame they didn’t have the Beach Boys in those days to let them know.

The other thing was it was real bad spelling, because them in the 13th century didn’t do that good grammar things like we got now here today.

We actually listened to the tune one day in class. The whole thing reminded me of a movie my mother took me to see once, where English singer Donovan wandered the countryside as a traveling piper who played his lute in the forest for animals.

And I was like, “Where’s ‘Mellow Yellow,’ where’s ‘Catch the Wind.’ I need to hear these now!”

But the movie was in the 13th century too, and Donovan couldn’t do those songs.

He just kept killing his career with that dang lute.

The teacher of my class was named Col. Taylor, a retired Army man who taught ROTC for many years.I was never able to figure out why his department head concluded that 30 years in the military would make someone a great music teacher.

Probably the same guy who decreed that all football coaches should be driving instructors.

I didn’t learn a lot in that class, but one day after we heard “Take Five” I headed straight to the bookstore and bought a bunch of Dave Brubeck records. So who says college can’t prepare you for later life?

Well that was a long time ago, and this is now.

And I am very glad summer is coming in, and we are all here.